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May 06, 2016 • Apps & Software, Startups
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I’m currently wearing a plain white t-shirt, which feels like the epitome of irony due in no small part to YoShirt’s colorful mission. The apparel app allows users to turn photos into designs for clothing as they see fit.

Customization is a BIG TREND for millennials. Big enough for unnecessary caps at any rate. All their lives, millennials have been customizing the things closest to them. First, there were polyphonic ring tones to customize phones. Then there was Myspace to customize teenage angst and loneliness. Now YoShirt is the next step in a long line of evolving customization.

It is currently the largest and fastest growing create-on-demand mobile app in customization sector. To date, it has been downloaded over a million times. And the newly launched Yoshirt Marketplace offers online creators the ability to easily create their own apparel line and gives visual artists a new medium to work in.

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The options are basically limitless. Using their smartphones, YoShirt users can take photos of anything they see – let’s face it, probably cats – and turn those photos into original pieces of clothing that they can wear wherever and whenever they want. They use the app to design clothing with any image they want, sharing it online for greater customization if they choose to. After paying at the checkout (also in app) users receive a notification telling them their garment – which is also cut and sewn by YoShirt – is on its way.

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Founded and based in California, the guys at YoShirt are clearly huge fans of the ‘power to the people’ mentality that gives their users the impetus to design clothing as they see fit. The YoShirt team have previously gone on record saying they want to take photographs and turn them into something that people do more with than keep as things to bore guests on their coffee table.

Oliver Griffin

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