Petnostics | A Virtual Veterinarian for Your Smartphone

Jun 25, 2014 • Apps & Software, Gadgets, Mobile, Startups
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pet product-analyzingPets are wonderful companions to have, but sometimes they can also become a problem as well.  I should know, I have a Moodle (Maltese/Poodle).  I love the cute little thing, but at the same time my dog can be quite annoying to look after.  But no matter how annoying she can get, I still love the little bundle of softness.  Even with the limited communication between an owner and his/her pet, they both enjoy the company they are in.  However, one thing that worries me is her health.  Pets do not have the ability to bark or meow their conditions to their owner.  A Los Angeles-based company called Petnostics, saw the arising problems pet owners have with their dog or cat’s health and created a solution where pet owners can have an early look into their pet’s health.

Petnostics is a way for pet parents to check their pet’s health instantly on their smartphone.  The way we do this is by analyzing the pet’s urine with your cellphone.

“Growing up, I had dogs and it was always a pain getting them to the vet.  I always thought it would be cool if there was a way to check their health at home.  I actually came from a medical device background.  I work at a medical device company, where we did a lot of urine testing.  They have products for humans and animals,” said Stephen Chen, founder of Petnostics.  “We basically took the same technology; the same strips that vets used in their clinics and we adapted it for use with the cellphone.  That’s how we came up with the idea initially was to figure out how to use this technology that already exists and make it workable with cellphones.”

Smartphones have the technology to let users play games, watch videos, and keep track of our health.  Now, Petnostics is allowing our phones to be a temporary solution in-between trips to the veterinarian.  A diagnostics tool which can help catch some common diseases in the very dogs and cats we care for and warn pet owners about any health issues that may arise and seek early treatment.

“Visits to the vets are expensive and a lot of the times you don’t know how your pet is doing.  The main goal with Petnostics was to solve ways to make sure your dog or cat is healthy.  More sort of peace of mind knowing things are okay.  Our goal isn’t becoming the vet; we’re not diagnosing a specific disease, but more in-between vet visits and if you suspect something might be wrong, you can check the urine and it can alert you to anything that may be wrong and then follow-up with your vet.  It’s better to catch problems early on then treat them later.  Obviously, it leads to better outcomes for the animals and more cost-effective before things get to serious and catch it early and treat it early,” says Stephen.

Petnostics only develops the tools to diagnose dogs and cats’ urine sample as of now.  However, they partnered up with Teco Diagnostics, a traditional medical device company which can further provide other animal diagnostics for Petnostics and expand to other animals if there is the demand from pet owners everywhere.

The app for Petnostics is free and available for the iOS and an Android version is still in the works.  The urine sample kit starts at $9.99.  Petnostics is a much cheaper and faster temporary option when it comes down to figuring out if something is going wrong with your pet.

The amazing analytical tool can determine some common health issues pets have such as diabetes, urinary tract infection, or a kidney stone to name a few.  Instead of worrying and guessing if a dog or cat has a health condition, there is an alternative.  As Stephen Chen stated earlier, catching a health issue early is not only easier on pet owner’s wallet, but also keeping our furry loved ones healthier and longer.

Alex Bae

A University of California, Santa Barbara graduate. Has a love relationship with photography, technology, and writing. Always looking forward to new creative innovations and writing.

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