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Today, Los Angeles based PromoJam released their newest product to the world offering marketers something they haven’t had before – full control and insight into social campaigns. With PromoJam 2.0, marketers now have the power to create social media campaigns with no development  or design skills required – just drag and drop. The Social Promotion Management Platform is for businesses of all types – small, medium and enterprise.


The brother & sister founders (yes, brother and sister) of PromoJam used their knowledge of the social marketing industry to capitalize on a visible market opportunity by reinvesting into the company and expanding beyond client services. PromoJam 2.0 is highly-advanced, developed hand-in-hand with existing enterprise customers including NBC Universal, The North Face, Virgin America, RedBull, WetSeal, and Warner Bros Studios, adding greatly to the value of such a product.

Like any good product, PromoJam 2.0 simplifies social campaign creation, a process that has been difficult to-date. Even with its simplicity, quality is not sacrificed as the platform produces professional, graphical campaigns at low-cost points. Marketing teams will eat this product up with the many built-in features from a (more than) flexible project management toolset, complete with team collaboration tools and controls on administrative user roles and access. This was designed and built to meet the needs for modern marketing teams – complete with Dropbox integration — providing the opportunity to manage content and assets day-to-day from within the dashboard. No more swapping applications or browser windows.

Digging deeper behind the scenes we are presented with a powerful analytics solution enabling marketers the ability to track success metrics down to the minute. We’re talking real-time metrics here, ladies and gentlemen. The analytics portion of the dashboard displays information about campaign traffic, social engagement and conversion rates. An even cooler feature for user is in part thanks to a groundbreaking partnership with Esri, the leading worldwide supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software and geodatabase management applications. What does this mean? PromoJam 2.0 marketers are enabled to create detailed demographic and geographic reports on campaign participants – right down to street level.

PromoJam 2.0 is available with a risk-free 15 days trial for everyone. Honestly, if you’re involved in any sort of social marketing this is a great all-in-one solution for you and your entire team. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


“With PromoJam 2.0, we are delivering a customizable, advanced and affordable social marketing platform that meets the needs of small and big businesses alike. We’ve combined the most sophisticated of marketing technologies with a visual drag-and-crop editor so that any organization can produce extraordinary social campaign results.” said Matt MacNaughton, CEO and Co-Founder of PromoJam. 

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