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Jan 17, 2014 • CES, Events, Gadgets, Personal, Samsung
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homeA twirling display of large 4K Samsung screens, towering over people and letting them forget whatever else surrounding them.  It was crowded.  Everywhere.  I make a beeline to the home appliance section, since it was the least crowded area in the booth.  At first, I was using that area to cut through the middle section of the floor to get to and from the TVs, but upon closer look…there was something about the area that was drawing my attention.

Usually, home appliances at a tech event as large as CES would be put into a corner, but not at Samsung.  A huge portion was devoted to their new home appliance section.  “Heck, Samsung even put a washer and a dryer as one of their main centerpieces on the floor!” one employee implied.  It was true, Samsung were trying to show how much the home appliances were going to make a difference to the consumer.  Talking and getting some thorough demos about the washer and dryer and the dishwasher has certainly changed my view on what Samsung was doing.

washerWashers and dryer are inefficient for the average homes now and more time is spent on doing chores such as laundry.  Samsung created the 9000 series, a wide, yet shallow washer and dryer for easier reach that fits four basket loads or two king-size comforters.  Samsung claims they built the largest consumer washer/dryer combination and it was to save time and money for families.  A new system was also installed for the top-loading washer, the ‘AquaJet’, where water not only comes in from the bottom, but also creates a waterfall-effect from the top to get a thorough clean.  The washer also foams the soap, to spread the soap around easier and get a cleaner set of clothes.  ‘Self Clean’ is another feature on the washer to get microbial and other gunk from building up in the washer.  Both washer and dryer get ‘smart’ and eco features where they sense how much the load is and varies the time to save water and soap.

dishwasherThe dishwasher got a new redesign from Samsung after decades of no change.  A water wall that covers every inch and corner of the dishwasher, completely cleaning everything you throw in your dishwasher.  The rotating blades are still there for lesser loads and a handy third rack is available for silverware with a detachable rubber mat that doubles as a carry case.  Samsung’s dishwasher is part of the new “Chef Collection”, where Samsung brought in 3-Star Michelin chefs for advice on new ideas and tech.  The chefs also help build a refrigerator and oven as well.  However, these two were not badly presented products by any means, but I personally did not see much of an improvement compared to what changes they have made over the dishwasher and washer/dryer combo. Visit Appliance Hunter‘s website if you’re need help in choosing the right appliance for your home.

chefIt’s funny to know I’ve seen and have been impressed by what Samsung had on display such as their new TVs, cameras, tablets, and mobile tech.  But those still haven’t impressed me as much as they did with their home appliances.  Everyday people love tech for their recreational uses, but home appliances make our lives easier.  Samsung has proven how our lives will get a little bit easier with their new line of ‘smart’ home appliances, so we can enjoy all the TVs, cameras, and other toys we have time to play with.  Now, that’s what I call innovation.

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