L.A. Lunch 2.0 at Shopzilla

Nov 09, 2007 • Events
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Shopzilla invited all of the tech community in L.A. for Lunch 2.0 in Santa Monica. (Shopzilla is a leading comparison shopping service. The company’s mission is to enable shoppers to quickly and easily find, compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere.) This was an event to gather all the techies in L.A. to come and share their ideas and become better acquainted with each other. This was the third Lunch 2.0 in Los Angeles and this one turn out to be the biggest yet. The room was big enough for 100+ people. There was an array of delicious food, from pizza to all types of salad, provided by Shopzilla and served in their awesome “party room”. (One of the many perks working for a very successful tech company.) There were many new and familiar faces, and lots of charming and knowledgeable techies to chat with. And of course, there were prizes to be won. Stu Brown won the IPod Touch…lucky.


Most of the companies there were enthusiastic about spreading the word that the L.A. tech community are alive and kicking. A few companies are even contemplating collaborations with other L.A.-based companies in the future. All-in-all, the event was a great way for the L.A. tech community to see and be seen, and of course, to socialize with others in the tech world. A list of just a few companies that attended:

Campusbug, Mahalo, Google, datatv, LAist, In a tree, Center Staging, yellowbot, Jobstead, Killer Attitude, Ride Station,Controltier, Teleflora, RadarSync, Mobile XL

The main question was; “Would you like to see more news about L.A. tech startup companies?” And the response was a definite “YES!”. Many of us would love to see more news about southern California’s tech communities. They also felt that the little guys in Southern California area aren’t getting enough recognition in the tech communities. We hear so much about Silicon Valley but not enough of the Los Angeles area. There are so many great companies out in L.A. that would love to get in on all the action. The big thing about L.A. is that it has more of a variety of new entertainment-focused media than what is coming out of the Silicon Valley. So this is where TechZulu comes in. Its main mission is to inform everyone in the field that not only do L.A.-based tech companies exist, but they also have the potential to become bigger successses than their earlier counterparts in the Valley, provided the industry takes notice. TechZulu will also work to keep you up-to-date of all the latest tech news from all parts of Southern California. Next on the menu: Goowy Lunch 2.0 in San Diego.

Efren Toscano

Efren Toscano founded TechZulu in the heart of Southern California: Orange County. Focused on providing a platform to showcase all that is happening here in the tech and media space. TechZulu is rapidly growing to be the hub for Southern California technology companies news source. Efren has been chosen as one of LA Weekly's People of 2009 and selected as a Top 20 MostPublic Individuals in Los Angeles in Tech and Biz by NowPublic. He divides his time between San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and tech events around the US.

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