The Startup Guide To SXSW Panel Picking

Sep 30, 2010 • Events, Startups
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The time is once again upon us.  Thousands of people submit their panels for SXSWi (South by Southwest Interactive) and only a handful will be selected to present.  The best thing of all is that there are no judges!  You be the judge and get to vote for who and what panels you want to see during SXSWi.  SXSWi is five days of presentations and panel discussions from some of the biggest thought leaders in Interactive digital media space.

TechZulu is helping the startup community out by listing all the great startup/entrepreneur oriented panels.  Give them all a quick look over and the ones you believe would be the best to see give them a vote.  Simply click on the title of the panel you like and you will be taken to their SXSWi panel picker page.

Get your votes in quick because it all end on Friday, August 27th!


Score PR for Your Start-Up, On the Cheap

Erik Deutsch, ExcelPR Group

Publicity and positive word-of-mouth can help grow your start-up into a successful venture. But what… READ MORE

Branding / Marketing / Publicity marketing, PR, publicity

Bootstrapped to Millions of Dollars in Profit

Spencer Fry, Carbonmade, LLC

We’ll use all the panel members’ experiences to tell a “how to story” about bootstrapping to million…

Bootstrapping bootstrap, Profitability, Startup

Software Labs: Petri Dishes for Tech Innovation

Jon Loyens, Bazaarvoice

Over the past ten years, the rise of the consumer web and the availability of better measurement too…

Bootstrapping process, product development, Prototyping

Agency Innovation Business: Creativity for the Masses

Jeff Reckseidler, tuuk

Simply, there are thousands of agencies, design shops and communications firms across the world, all…

Bootstrapping agency innovation, creative industries, creative thinking, anthropology

A Bootstrapped Geek Sifts Through the Bullshit

Jason Cohen, Capital Thought

After starting three companies, I’ve found that some widely accepted advice lead me to failure while…

Bootstrapping advice, entrepreneur, startups

Scratching Your Personal Projects Itch

Christopher Watkins,

Have you ever had an idea for a great product, but thought any of the following: “I don’t have en…

Bootstrapping bootstrapped, Startup

Step by Step From Idea to Bootstrap Startup

Douglas Hackney, Enterprise Group, Ltd.

The step by step story of an entrepreneur’s journey from idea to bootstrap web startup from her vi…

Bootstrapping entrepeneurship, entrepreneur, startups

Bootstrapping a Lean Startup

Ash Maurya, WiredReach

While not the same thing, Bootstrapping and Lean Startups are quite complementary. Both cover techni…

Bootstrapping boostrapping, Funding, lean startup

Avoid Freeloaders, Go For The Enterprise Gold

Michael Coté, RedMonk

Why cater to a market that makes you eat ramen when you can slap on a suit and get budget for sushi?…

Bootstrapping enterprise, marketing, Sales

Making Decisions as a Resource Starved Dev Team

Chris Henry, Behance

Starting a dev team is hard. Starting a dev team to build a brand new idea is harder. The constrai…

Bootstrapping development, team management

Your Web Developer Thinks You’re an Idiot

Babette Pepaj,

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” This famous line (spoken to Paul Newman in Cool Han…

Bootstrapping development, Startup, Website content

Overcoming the Innovator’s Dilemma: Internal Start-Ups

Ed Brojerdi, Spies and Assassins / MDC Partners

How to create a technology start-up inside a large organization – based on how we are doing it right…

Bootstrapping marketing, Start-up, Technology

Minimally Viable: A Recipe for Early Startup Survival

Chris Ennis, OneRecovery

Many web startups enter the market facing an uphill struggle against naysayers, critics and skeptica…

Bootstrapping development, minimum viable product, startups

Building Products While Serving Clients: Why and How

Brian Williams, Viget Labs

You work in (or run) a services company. Your clients pay you to design and build web sites and app…

Bootstrapping Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurism, products

Build Something, Build Anything

Jason Glaspey, PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment)

Side projects used to be hobbies you did in your garage. And they stayed in your garage. But now…

Bootstrapping Bootstrapping, Side-Projects, startups

Easy as 1 + 2–>3

Bijoy Goswami, Aviri

Your Interactive Life Venture starts much earlier than the Ideation Phase (3). It starts in the YOU …

Bootstrapping awaken, discover, quest

Take Your Webapp from Spare-Time to Full-Time

Adam Howell, Mocksup

So, you’ve got a dayjob, but also aspirations of taking your own thing full-time. You’ve either laun…

Bootstrapping full-time, side-project, webapp

Your Business Plan is Burning

Christopher Hastings, Hastings Consulting Group / HindSite Analytics

Most entrepreneurs fail because they start the business the only way they know how – thinking about …

Bootstrapping design thinking, Entrepreneurship, opportunity analysis

Switch: from Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Matthew Smith, Squared Eye

So you’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole into the world of freelancing and you’re ready to make it…

Bootstrapping business, Clients, Profitability

How We Bootstrapped Our SXSW in South Africa

Gareth Knight, Technovated

I first attended SxSW in 2006, and was blown away. It opened my eyes, and I said to myself that one…

Bootstrapping Bootstrapping, business, Startup

Post-Launch: Marketing Web Apps on a Budget

Nick Francis, Brightwurks

Building a web app is the easy part. Launching usually brings some publicity and hype, but how can y…

Bootstrapping Marketing Strategy, social media marketing, web applications

Entrepreneurism / Monetization

Stop Listening to Your Customers

Nate Bolt, Bolt | Peters

A common assumption among startup entrepreneurs is that listening to potential customers is the best…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Customers, research, startups

Intrapreneurship: Embracing Disruptive Innovation Within Your Company

Nicholas Metzgar, MITRE

Entrepreneurs are everywhere. Today, an entrepreneur is just as likely to be found in a large multi…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Corporate, empowerment, Entrepreneurship

Radical Business Development: Three Guerrilla Strategies

Geoffrey Lewis, Topguest

The gifted product person has emerged as the true rockstar of the internet world over the last few y…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization

Removing the Middleman: Embedding Shopping on Your Blog

John T. Unger, John T. Unger, LLC

In 2009 my art blog earned $188,138 in gross sales from 205,839 unique visitors. …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Advertising, ecommerce, monetization

Everybody is Selling Something: The Arrival of “Me-Commerce”

Matthew Trifiro, Bixbe & 1000 Markets

A revolution is afoot. The “old school” models of e-commerce, as dominated by bulky hosted storefron…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization e-commerce, monetization, Selling

Bad Romance: Exposing the Relationship between Girls & Tech

Rosilyn Rayborn, Smackages, Inc.

Many people view girls and tech like oil and water—two things that just don’t mix. But, with the…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization cosmetics, social media, women in tech

App Migration – the End of Browser Domination

jim spencer, media convergence group

Does the rise of premium markets like iTunes and the Android Market spell trouble for quality “fre…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Apps, content, mobile

The Personal MBA: Mastering Productivity, Happiness, and Wealth

Josh Kaufman, The Personal MBA

Running a business can be intimidating, frustrating, and stressful if you don’t really understand th…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, education, MBA

Startup Mixology: Startup Tales of Successes and Failures

Frank Gruber, TECH cocktail

For the past four years, TECH cocktail has been journalistically covering and helping rally together…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization community building, Startup, tech

Merch: The Other White Meat Of Monetization II

Joel Bush, Amplifier

How do successful web properties delight fans, earn revenue, and achieve self-sufficiency via a vibr…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization merch, monetization

Big in Japan: Outreaching to a Unique Market

Ryan Holmes, HootSuite Media, Inc.

Web and mobile technology have developed differently in Japan than any other country with hardware, …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, japan, Localization

Freelancing in the Future: When and Where Ever

Kevin Reeth, Outright

With the advent of geolocation and fantastic payment services such as Square, the future of freelanc…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization cloud, freelance, mobile

Build, Buy, Partner: Time is Money

Liz Strauss, SOBCon at SOBEvents LLC

Whether your business has one or one thousand employees, it is critical that you understand the basi…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Business Growth, collaboration, Partnering

Startup Outside the Valley

Brian Gorbett, Microsoft

Join a conversation covering how to get your startup going both from a technical and business perspe…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneur, Startup, Technology

David vs. Goliath: Internet Startups Battle Money Giants

Sean Harper,

The financial services industry has been shrouded in mystery for decades. The internet is finally tr…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization financial services, Technology, Transparency

Startup Survival Guide: Beating the 800lb Gorillas

Chuck Dietrich, SideRocket

The buzz words of SXSW Interactive 2010: cloud computing, social, on-demand, sharing, collaboration,…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Cloud Computing, monetization, Startup

A Look at Latam Media Startups

Pedro Galván, Software Guru magazine

The last couple of years have seen a significant increase in IT and interactive companies placing be…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization

A Media-Based Economy for Detroit’s Future

Jeanette Lee, Allied Media Projects

Detroit is what the rest of the world has to look forward to. This panel will explain why there’s ho…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization community, detroit, media

3 Partners Vs 2 Partners Vs 1 Partner

Aidan Nulman, YouPhonics

The founders from Hobocans (3 founders), Art of Charm (two founders) and YouPhonics (one founder) di…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization founder, startups, Team

Porcine Aerodynamics: Getting your Startup to Take Flight

Jonathan Beilin, Koduco Games

If you want answers to startup questions other than “How do we scale our servers?” and “Where do we …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Bootstrapping, Social Entrepreneurship , Startup

Increasing Monetization Opportunties with Next-Generation Video Analytics

William (Bill) Lederer, Kantar Video

As the technologies aimed at aiding online video distribution expand, both content creators and adve…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization advertising effectiveness, content distribution, monetization

How UX and the Cloud are Transforming Software

Kim Coalson, Mindflash

Cloud computing, rising standards in user experience (UX), and cost-conscious businesses are driving…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Cloud Computing, Entrepreneurism, SaaS

Tomorrow’s Interactive Business Models: Perspectives From Wharton’s GCP

Robert Mann, The Wharton School GCP

Many companies are first awakening to the high impact that “interactive business model innovation…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization gaming, innovation, mobile

Startup Success: Entrepreneurial Women Share the Team-Building Secret

Rynda Laurel,

So you have an idea. The entrepreneur in you says go for it – and so do we. Start it up! How do you …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization PR & Marketing, Start-up, The Power Pie

Mexico’s Startup Scene: Myths, Challenges and Opportunities

Arturo Garrido de la Rosa,

This session will be presented in ENGLISH. SXSW Latin America programming hashtag: #sxswLatAm I…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization latin americaAs a podcaster for the last two years in Mexico, and one year focused exclusively on topics related to entrepreneurship and technology innovation in Mexico, Arturo Garrido he has come into contact with the who’s who of technology innovati, Mexico, Startups / Entrepreneurship

Loyalty 3.0: Fully Leveraging Your Raving Fans

Carol Roth, & Intercap Merchant Partners

The most underrated asset of any business is its enthusiasts- those customers and clients who buy th…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization community, Loyalty, monetization

Building Relationships — and Revenues — Through Twitter

Justin Goldsborough, Fleishman-Hillard

10 ways to profit off of Twitter participation without a book deal, sponsorship or selling your star…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization #pr20chat, Social Media ROI, twitter

Love Can Pay The Bills

Phil Libin, Evernote

Want 1 million people to pay for your product? Get 100 million people to love it. But how do you get…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization fan culture, freemium, User engagement

Tools and Processes for ADD Project Managers/Entrepreneurs

Jason Ford, FeedMagnet

Ever since grade school I’ve been told organization is my number one problem. Like most people …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management

How to (Ethically) Profit From Your Customer’s Insecurities

Michael Williams, Mementum LLC

If you’re an entrepreneur or software ninjette who wants to make a full-time income from your web …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Customer, marketing, research

Ditch the Book: Running a Business YOUR Way

Espree Devora, ZEXsports

The perceived wisdom for business success is that you need to follow the rules. Sure, there’s room…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization brand marketing, Entrepreneurship, monetization

Businessmodelology: No Business Model, No Problem

Brett Martin, AppFund

“Business model” is one of the most poorly defined concepts in business. Unfortunately, it is also …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business models, entrepeneurship, monetization

Make Millions: Re-Invent Global Sites for Local Markets

Eve Dmochowska, Digital Garage

The buzz word is “Innovation”. But sometimes, being innovative does not mean having to create from s…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepeneurship, innovation, monetization

Are Brands The New Tech Investors?

Bonin Bough, PepsiCo

The PepsiCo10 program in 2010 saw the company team up with Mashable and Highland Capital Partners to…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization brand, entrepeneurship, Startups / Entrepreneurship

Breaking Glass Ceiling – Fearless Women Entrepreneur

Amita Paul, ObjectiveMarketer

You don’t want to simply break glass ceilings and start in a negative fashion that has yielded mixed…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneur, social

Your UGC Resume

Faris Yakob, KBSP

User generated content has exploded in the past decade, blah blah blah. Here’s the other side of …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, ugc

How To Get Paid for What You Know

Emily Su-lan Reber Porter, JustAnswer

Do you have a unique skill set or knowledge that others often seek? Do you enjoy sharing information…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization blogging, Entrepreneurship, monetization

That’s Not My Job: Being A Career Generalist

Poornima Vijayashanker, BizeeBee

In corporate America people say: “That’s not my job!” employees specialize and have a deep knowledge…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization design, Recruiting, Software development

Social Networks and Citizen Commerce: Reinventing Ecommerce

Jules Pieri, Daily Grommet

A powerful revolution—Citizen Commerce—is forming. The increased, unprecedented affordability of…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization ecommerce, innovation, social media

In Analysis: The Psychodrama of Silicon Valley

Rachel Chalmers, The 451 Group

In psychodrama, participants explore internal conflicts through acting out their emotions on stage. …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Funding, psychology , vc

Tweeting From the Top for Bottom-Line Returns

Rob Katz, Vail Resorts

Forget the MBA and textbooks – A new crop of leaders are relying on iPads and facebook for a new wa…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization branding, Management, monetization

Shop Blind No More: E-Commerce Re-Invented

John Caplan, OpenSky

It’s easy to assume that enjoying the convenience and comfort of online shopping (e.g. the ability…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization blogging, e-commerce, Relationships

Life After Y Combinator

Dane Hurtubise, JobSpice

Programs like Y Combinator have garnered much attention in the media. Many of the startups are high…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization startups, y combinator

Surviving the Hockeystick Growth: Blessing? Curse?

Ben Huh, Cheezburger Network

Rapid growth is a survival challenge that’s killed off many seemingly successful companies (Pointcas…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Culture, Growth, Survival

Name Your Price: Influencing Customer’s Purchasing Decisions

Mario Lurig, SurveyGizmo

Understanding the effect of perceived discounts, multiple product levels, price anchoring, and other…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization economics, human behaviour, pricing

Turning Your Community into an IT Hotbed

Jesse Davis,

When we came to Madison, WI 6 years ago, it was your average Midwest state capitol dominated by gove…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, startup cities, startup communities

Selling Services or Products to Musicians

Noah Dinkin, FanBridge

Many web companies target the musician community for their first (and sometimes only) segment of use…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization music, Revenue, Sales

Don’t Be a One-Hit-Wonder.

Jennifer Fremont-Smith, High Start Group

Don’t be a one-hit-wonder. Strategies for identifying your next product success. Attendees …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization customer-centric, innovation, product management

Social Shopping: The Future of Selling Art Online

Willo O’Brien, WilloToons

Markets are conversations. As the web continues its neverending voyage toward Social, indie merchant…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization e-commerce, small business, social media

Rules for Renegades – Breaking Rules for Success

Danae Ringelmann, CFA, IndieGoGo

You quit your 9-5 to build the next google or iBeer. Congratulations and welcome to the world of ren…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, start-ups, stealth

Fostering Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Meg Garlinghouse, Yahoo! Inc.

Increasing entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets can positively transform lives, socie…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Emerging Markets , Middle East, Social Entrepreneurship

Size Matters: The Engaging The SMB Customer

Jennifer Lindsay, Crimson Consulting

The SMB market representing a sizable opportunity for companies to interact directly with one of the…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Engagement, SMB, Strategy

Worst Website Ever II: Too Stupid to Fail

Andy Baio,

In a highly-anticipated return to SXSW, eight all-star designers, programmers, and entrepreneurs com…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization derivative, evil, stupid

The Big Reveal

Mike McDerment, FreshBooks

Ever wonder how the magic that is your favorite web properties happens? More often than not, it’s b…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization design, systems, webapps

We’re All Salesmen – The Truth About Selling

Alun Rowe, Pentangle

The simple truth is that selling your service is hardwork, probably much harder than actually doing …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, Sales

Social Espionage and Selling to Customer 2.0

Umberto Milletti, InsideView

Monitoring. Listening. Tracking. Measuring. No, this isn’t a covert CIA operation: It’s the way bran…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization customer relationships, social business, social CRM

Hitchhikers Guide to Hypermonetizing the “3rd Wave”

Spencer Richardson, FanBridge

An exploration into the emerging principles behind affinity/engagement driven revenue models, throug…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization 3rdwave, monetization, userengagement

Collaboration Over Competition: Competitors as Business Partners

Sally Strebel,

The old way of thinking tells small businesses to worry about competitors. Worrying takes the focus …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization collaboration, coworking, Entrepreneurism

It Can Be Done: From Banker To Founder

Sachin Agarwal,

It’s generally thought that investment banking and management consulting are terrible backgrounds fo…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneur, founder, lean startup

Freelancers: You’re Five Products Away From Freedom

Thomas Myer, Triple Dog Dare Media

If you’re a freelancer, you know that your existence comes down to chasing after lots of client enga…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, income streams, information products

Crack for Entrepreneurs: Your Own Monetized Learning Community

Josh Little, Bloomfire

Finally. A way to become a thought leader, monetize your very own learning community, gain an audie…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization community, education, marketing

Micro-Business Rapid-Response Success-Failure Q&A

Becky McCray, Small Biz Survival

Three small business experts take your questions, and provide real answers about failure, operations…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, Entrepreneurship, Growth

From Freelance to Solo App Developer

Michael Jovel, Startapps, llc

Making the leap from working on client work to launching you own app can be a daunting process. This…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, monetization, Startup

Turning Your Blog Into a Revenue Generating Machine

Walter Knapp, Lijit Networks (

This session hits hard on one of the most engaging, controversial and interesting topics among mid-t…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization

DIY Online Workshops: Best Practices and Worst Mistakes

Bryce Longton, Self-Employed

You’re brilliant, and you have something to say, damn it. This presentation will discuss the ins and…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization content strategy, workshop

Four Flavors of Freemium

Ro Gupta, DISQUS

‘Freemium’ at its core has become rather widely known and accepted as a business model these days, y…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization freemium, monetization, networks

Being Cyber is Risky… Buy a Condom!

Ashley Hunter, HM Risk Group

There are so many technology entrepreneurs across the country and very few of them understand all of…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Business Start up Needs, Entrepreneurship, Risk

Fear and the Art of Creation

Jonathan Fields, Career Renegade Inc.

Ever wonder what keeps so many people from launching a new endeavor or scaling a creative venture in…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization creative, Entrepreneurship, fear

Can’t Find a Technical Co-Founder? Become One

Vinicius Vacanti,

You have the next big idea. It’s clever, elegant and HUGE. You just need a technical co-founder to h…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurism, founding, Startup

Habbo Hotel: Developing A Successful Virtual Economy

Sulka Haro, Sulake Corporation

Habbo Hotel, the world’s largest virtual community for teenagers, is celebrating its 10th anniversar…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization microtransactions, monetization, virtual goods

How to Avoid These Mistakes in Your Startup

Trent Krupp, SlangDang

Gain insights in starting different business models: Entrepreneurs with startup businesses in web ap…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization

From Jobbies to Businesses: Strategies for Irresistible Success

Terry Starbucker, SOBEvents, LLC

In this inspirational and educational interactive hybrid presentation, we will discuss what it takes…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization branding, business, Strategy

Beyond the Hype: Mobile App Opportunities In Africa

Justin Arenstein, Rest of the World Media (RoW Media)

Africa’s 1 billion people are the world’s fastest growing market for mobile phones. Sales of mobi…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization africa, mobile, monetization

Finally, Three Secrets for Becoming a Rockstar Consultant

Nemo Chu, Bloomfire

Did you know that top consultants can be paid tens of thousands of dollars for an hour-long keynote …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, personal branding, virtual goods

The Long Tail of Ecommerce: Small Giants

Ben Congleton,

Amazon might be the Walmart of the Internet, but many “small” retail businesses are still thriving o…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization competition, ecommerce, small business

What We Can Learn from Small Town Entrepreneurs

Barry Moltz, Shafran Moltz Group

The economy for small business has changed. You can’t count on: a job, an income, a loan, the govern…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepeneurship, Online Communities, small business

Local Motives: Monetizing Mobile Discovery Without Traditional Ads

Marcus Wandell, Anttenna

Location-based services (LBS) and adding location as a feature – particularly in the mobile space …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization LBS, Location Based Advertising, Mobile Applications

Cashing Out: Start-up Successes in Latin America

Andes Barreto, Socialatom Group

The Latin American startup scene is blowing up. From Guadalajara to Patagonia, there is an exponenti…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization investment, latin america, startups

Collaboration Nation: How Side-Projects Can Keep You Relevant

Phil Coffman, Springbox ( and Method & Craft (

Side projects are crucial to remaining relevant in our industry. The web is constantly changing—ne…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization collaboration, Side-Projects, web design

News from the Transmedia Trenches

Daniel Lorenzetti, TransMediaMatrix

A one-on-one interview with a prominent Transmedia Producer Judging by the significant response t…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization interview, producer, transmedia

Your Online Organization is Creating Data: Use It!

Zach Steindler, Olark

Whatever you do or make, when you put online it’s generating data. We’ll talk about what data you ca…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization data, startups, usability

Adopting the Smart Grid: Where’s the Porn?

Len Hause, MashBrain

Utility companies and smart grid suppliers across the country are struggling to gain adoption of the…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization connected home, energy, smart grid

Bordering Incest: Turning Your Company Into a Family

Brittany Heidtke, SurveyGizmo

I was employee number 8. I’ve watched this company grow to a record of 30 people in a little over tw…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Culture, Growth, keepin it real

Innovating Value: The Formula for Repeated Market Success

Norman Winarsky, SRI International

Automatic check processing. The mouse. ARPANET. Speech recognition and Nuance Communications. The CA…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneur, innovation, SRI

Five Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch

Joshua Baer, Capital Factory

Everyone in a startup should be able to give the “elevator pitch”, even the programmers! Having the …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Pitch Session, Startups / Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital (VC) / Angels / Investors

How to Make Money Podcasting

Larry Weintraub, Fanscape, Inc.

How does one make money podcasting? What is the plan? There has to be strategy, it can’t be just luc…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization branding, monetization, podcast

Teen Impact on Business in the Digital Age

Jackson Fall, VelociTeens

Ever wondered why 75% of US teens want to start a business? It’s because we are living in the bigges…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneurs, gen-Y, teen

Transmedia: Transmonetisation — Getting Rights and Making Money

Alex Chapman, Sheridans

Transmedia is here, and it’s here to stay. More and more owners are looking to transmedia as a way o…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization monetisation, rights, transmedia

So I Want to Start a Software Company

Darin Siefkes, The Law Office of Darin Siefkes, PLLC

Many times entrepreneurs setup businesses that end up causing themselves difficulties and headaches …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Bootstrapping, business, Start-up

Brainstorm Your Way to Fun and Riches!

Chris Kohlhardt, Gliffy, Inc.

Brainstorming with a group of people is a powerful way to solve problems and generate new ideas in y…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization brainstorm, creative, ideas

Running a Web Business the Science Fiction Way

George DeMet,, Inc.

Can watching “Star Trek” help make you a better businessperson? Find out in this multimedia presenta…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, open source, science fiction

Your Blog, Your Brand, YOUR Business

Catherine Connors, Rabid Badger Media

It has become received wisdom in the blogosphere that the only way to make money is to build your bl…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization blogging, monetization, professional blogging

When the Family Business is a Startup

Jenn Deering Davis, Appozite

Some people dream of one day being to able to work with their spouse, sibling, parent or child – wha…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, family, Startup

Monetizing Social Media

Colby Graff, Acquity Group

As a leader in social commerce, we strive to stay ahead of what’s happening right now. You’ll u…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Facebook, social commerce, Social Networking

I’ve Never Met My Coworkers – Running International Teams

Jason Lengstorf, Ennui Design

I work with three other guys, and I’ve never met any of them. In fact, none of them live within…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization collaboration, International, team management

Whither the Female Tech Founder

Dina Kaplan,

Is the boys club of Internet founders by coincidence or design? This panel will discuss the *real* r…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, gender divide, scaling

Abolish The Hourly: How Value Pricing Wins Clients.

Lee Dale, Say Yeah!

From an introduction to value pricing to case studies to client relationships, how value pricing can…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Clients, pricing, profit

Endurance and Entrepreneurship

David Morken,

Where does mental motivation meet physical motivation in the life of an entrepreneur? The qualities…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Entrepreneurship, fitness, Management

Radio Is Not Dead!

Khotan Shahbazi-Harmon, KOOP Radio 91.7 F.M.

Whether terrestrial or celestial, radio remains one of the most intimate forms of communication reac…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization convergent technologies, monetization, social entrepreneureurship

Tell Us How You Really Feel – Sentiment Monetization

Simon Baker, Baker Avenue Asset Management (

Sentiment – the feelings, emotions and attitudes attached to something – is a powerful force. S…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization aggregation, monetization, sentiment

Making Money with WordPress (Without Working at Automattic)

Shane Pearlman, Shane & Peter In.

WordPress is free! It does astounding things out of the box. But it doesn’t do everything. Therein l…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization products, services, WordPress

How Founders Can Maintain Control Of Company Vision

Gene Kim, Gene Kim and Associates

There are now many resources to help company founders get funding and launch a startup. Less talked…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization founders, howto, vision

Personal Brands for Profitable Companies

Ed Schipul, Schipul – The Web Marketing Company

Personal Branding, defined by wikipedia as: “the process whereby people and their careers are marked…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Culture, entrepreneur, personal Brands

Teen Impact on Business in the Digital Age

Jackson Fall, VelociTeens

Ever wondered why 75% of US teens want to start a business? It’s because we are living in the bigges…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneurs, gen-Y, teen

Big Time: Managing Websites With Over 1MM Uniques

John Hargrave,

As a site passes the “million mark” in terms of monthly unique users, it faces new and unpredictable…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Architecture, community, server

How to Start a Social Commerce Bonfire

Kevin Hartz,

From the NY Times and Craigslist to Facebook and Twitter, the Web’s underpinning is to connect peo…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization entrepreneur, social commerce, Social Graph

Blue Sky Thinking: Building & Selling Your Business

Ingrid Sanders, TARGUSinfo

The Internet has helped entrepreneurs innovate to build and sell businesses at scale faster than eve…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization acquisition, entrepreneur, internet

Birds of All Feathers: Creative Industry Incubators

Fátima São Simão, UPTEC – University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park

This panel will discuss various aspects of the recently proliferating Creative Industries Incubators…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization business, creative industries, Incubators

Creating “Monster” Value In Your Interactive Property

Divinia Knowles, Mind Candy Ltd

Too much legalese kills children’s games, but too little can massively de-value your brand and land …

Entrepreneurism / Monetization Business Value, Funding & Monetization, innovation

Location Based Monetization: How Can Geogames Make Money?

Zach Saul, Retronyms

The location-based services market has recently expanded from location-based utilities into the loca…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization geolocation, GPS, LBS

Building a Social Ecommerce Platform in Mexico

José Omar, e-fastbuy

Here at México City, our software developers Carlos Nuño and Jose Mosco are setting up an e-comme…

Entrepreneurism / Monetization ecommerce, marketing, social media

Zombies Must Eat: How Genre Communities Make Money

KW Low, Dread Central Media

Genre communities particularly the horror-themed ones are increasing seen by the entertainment indus… READ MORE

Case Study marketing, Online community, Social Networking

Funding / VC

Understanding Potential Investors: Divorce Is Not An Option

Jusin Fishner-Wolfson, 137 Ventures

Taking money is like getting married, so you better be sure of your suitors before you get into bed …

Funding / VC Company valuation, Investment terms and Investing, Termsheets

Angels in the Infield

Marc Nathan, ChaiONE

Angels – investors that put both their time and their money into early stage companies – are taking …

Funding / VC angel, incubator, startups

Pitfalls & Opportunities: Five Tips for Talking to Investors

Randall Crowder, Central Texas Angel Network

The Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) is one of the most active angel networks in the United States…

Funding / VC entrepreneurs, Funding, investing = Not/For #Profit + #Institutional #Innovation

ed whyman, whymandesign

Who can I talk to about improving your service so you can do even more good and make even more mone…

Funding / VC creative, innovation, trade

Equity vs. Debt: What’s Best for My Startup

Jay Levy, Zelkova Ventures

The session will start with a 10 minute presentation / overview of the different financing instrumen…

Funding / VC Funding, Startup, Venture Capital

VCs: Friends or Foes?

Ethan Kurzweil, Bessemer Venture Partners

If you’re starting a company, you’ll likely face the decision of whether to seek VC funding or s…

Funding / VC Funding, Startups / Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital (VC) / Angels / Investors

Crowd Funding Your Startup- Without Going to Jail

Fred Bryant, WealthForge

Crowd funding sounds pretty awesome. It gives entrepreneurs access to a huge new source of capital a…

Funding / VC Crowd Funding, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital

Game On: Getting Funding For Your Games Startup

Hany Nada, GGV Capital

VCs are still funding games startups – but only a select few are successful at attracting venture do…

Funding / VC Games, gaming, Venture Capital

Eleven Key Mistakes Every Startup Can Avoid

Hank Heyming, Troutman Sanders

Starting a company is hard enough when you have a great idea, a rock-star team, and when you’re ad…

Funding / VC founding, start ups, Venture Capital

Startup Accelerators – Get Accepted and Excel

Rod Yancy, Innominate

This panel details what it takes to get into a startup accelerator like Ycombinator, Techstarts, Dre…

Funding / VC startups

Successful People-Based Acquisition: Buying People, Not Code

Bill Boebel, Rackspace Hosting

How do you retain startup employees long after an acquisition? Rackspace acquired in 200…

Funding / VC acquisition, merger, start up

Latin American Angel Networks: Evolution and Future Opportunities

Estuardo Robles,

[Session will be presented in ENGLISH. Sesión será presentada en INGLÉS – Redes Angeles en Latino…

Funding / VC Angel Investors, latin america, Tech Startup

The Reverse VC Pitch Panel

Larry Chiang, Duck9

Normally, we pitch venture capitalists. Well for this panel, VCs will be pitching us. Top tier VC…

Funding / VC Bootstrapping, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital

Smartphone Investments? There’s No App for That

Matthew Cowan, Bridgescale Partners

Cell phones are officially passe, and smart phones are all the rage. But are smart phones also prime…

Funding / VC investment, smart phones, vc

Funding Creative, Cause, or Entrepreneurial Projects Using IndieGoGo

Slava Rubin, IndieGoGo

Do you need to raise funds for your creative, cause, or entrepreneurial project? Come learn the tips…

Funding / VC Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, Funding

The State of Latin American Venture Investing

Alan Colmenares, TropicalGringo

During the last 3 years, a number of interesting exits have taken place in Latin America Internet in…

Funding / VC investing, latin america

Un-Funding Innovation: VC, Bootstrap, Kickstart or NOT?

Anna Curran,

When we are looking to fund our ventures, how do our financial choices impact our creative and innov…

Funding / VC

Show Me the Money: Doing the IPO Dance

David Meyers, Troutman Sanders LLP

Lots of entrepreneurs dream about taking their companies public in an IPO so that they will get rich…

Funding / VC Funding, IPO, monetization

The Five Startups You Meet in the Deadpool

Charlie O’Donnell, First Round Capital

Former entrepreneur, current investor and innovation community leader Charlie O’Donnell will discuss…

Funding / VC Entrepreneurship, innovation, startups

Creative Ways to Fund Your Awesome Project

Amye Scavarda, Function

You have a fabulous project, and you really want to be able to do it. But you really don’t have the …

Funding / VC Bootstrapping, Fundraising, Venture Capital

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