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Feb 22, 2013 • Advertising, Entertainment, Marketing
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Creative thoughts are constantly processed in everyone’s mind.  An idea may come up in your sleep, in the shower, or at work.  Those same thoughts want to break out into reality, but who can help?  Tongal is a place to start, and those very same creative thoughts can be brought together by a single community.  Tongal created a community full of people around the world, who can collaborate on making videos for people to enjoy.

Tongal is a website dedicated to those who have the passion to develop new and exciting video advertisements for companies.  And not just for any regular companies, but big brands such as Ford, General Electric, Allstate, and Lego, are few of many names that are lining up to work with Tongal. Perhaps you can make the biggest lego set by collaborating using the service. Tongal sets up various video projects for Tongalers to take on and are set up with various cash prizes.  Yes, there is a lot of money involved.  $250 to win the best idea for an advertisement and up to $25,000 for those with the best video.  The cash depends on the cash pool from the video project, but nonetheless there is plenty of it to go around for creators.

The best part about Tongal is anyone who wants to write, act, direct, and/or animate videos can join for free.  Tongal is gathering strangers to help pitch an idea and develop a video worthy of being potentially shown on the brand’s social media website or even on television.   The idea of bringing others together and challenging each other creates a unique team of motivated individuals eyeing the same prize.  Today’s advertisements are slow processes and rarely translate well from the TV to the internet and vice versa.  That’s where Tongal comes in.  Tongal is a fresh way to capture new ideas and create greater quality videos for advertising.

webpageVideos projects are broken into three different categories: Ideation, Promotion, and Distribution.  Ideation is a place for writers to give ideas on what kind of stories there are to tell to the viewers and the best ideas have the potential to be produced into a video.  Promotion (or Pitch), allows users to give a glimpse of what the idea would look like by using storyboards and images to create buzz throughout the community.  Lastly, distribution (or video) is where the final video is shown to the companies. This allows easier access for various creative minds from the Tongal community to find a video project that suits their needs and expertise.

Tongal is a great opportunity for people of all ages and various degrees of experience to test out their skills and improve upon them as well.  It is a place for users to create a portfolio of the accomplishments and experience gained.  The community is full of people eager to make a product that is worthy of people’s time.  Tongal may have been out since 2008, but the combination of big name brands and a large community already puts Tongal on a whole new level.  Money is also a great motivation for people, but Tongal’s biggest prize is to show off that creative mind to hundreds and thousands of people all over the world.

Recently in one of the video projects, Tongal partnered with the X PRIZE Foundations to promote the Greater Good Challenge.  The challenge is trying to promote and inspire Tongalers to create videos that illustrate the most significant problems that are occurring in the world.  What are humanity’s biggest problems?  Why don’t you let the world know by developing a video to inspire not only those around you, but the rest of the world by visiting the Greater Good Challenge.

For everyone else who is interested at tackling some other video projects Tongal has to offer, than go to Tongal and see what they are up to.

Alex Bae

A University of California, Santa Barbara graduate. Has a love relationship with photography, technology, and writing. Always looking forward to new creative innovations and writing.

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