Top 11 Free Travel Apps To Help Keep You Sane

May 07, 2013 • Android, Apps & Software, iPad, iPhone
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travelSummer is almost upon us and traveling somewhere new is always exciting.  What new cultures are there to see? Where to eat?  What attractions are there to view?  What kind of events are there to attend? Traveling has changed so much, especially with the help of a smartphone.  With tens of thousands of apps available for helping you travel, costs can range from free to up to $9.99. To make things a little cheaper, here are eleven free and simple apps to help with your travels:

Kayak (iOS) (Android): Kayak brings its online travel services to the mobile phone.  Giving users every flight information and pricing details available.  Explore the various flights details all around the world including areas you’ve probably never knew about.

beepBeep & Boop (iOS): Having the kids around a trip can be a rewarding and/or painful experience.  To help your kid be on good behavior, the Beep & Boop app is there to help.  The app gives “Beeps” for good behavior and “Boops” for bad behavior.  This helps kids to stay on their best behavior while traveling (or anywhere else).

Alfred (iOS) (Android):  This robot app helps find the restaurants you want the most.  The more you use Alfred, by approving or disapproving his choices, you “teach” Alfred what the you are looking for in the future.  Thus, creating Alfred to become a better robot servant for you.

Coin Flip (iOS):  Kids complaining on who wants to go first or who gets to choose?  This app lets which child (or adult) decide on who goes gets to choose or go first.  The app algorithm lets the outcome to become fair and make situations a lot less arguable on those long trips.

hotelHotel Tonigh(iOS) (Android):  Need to find a last minute hotel?  This app can find you a hotel and a deal for those last minute bookings or changes during your travels.

PBS KIDS Video (iOS):  PBS KIDS app lets kids watch their favorite TV shows from anywhere and at any time on the iPhone or iPad.   Download some shows and let the kids be entertained and learn something new on those long plane rides or car rides.

Free Wi-Fi Finder (iOS) (Android)Need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your vicinity?  This app will list all the spots near you and the directions to the one you have chosen to.

appsKid Quoter (iOS):  Kids are always saying the darndest things. To help remember what your kids say, write it down on your iPhone and add a graphic to it, to remember the silly things they always say on your travels.

Google Translate (iOS) (Android):  Language barriers can always hinder a travel.  Google Translate lets you translate over 60 languages to help you get over the language barrier.

Tripomatic (iOS): An easy travel app to use, just punch in your destination and the length you plan to stay there for.  The app then plans out where to visit and share it among your friends.

Viator Tours and Activities (iOS) (Android): Looking for a tour of a city?  This app lists and books tours in over 800 locations.  Great to find all the attractions with or without the kids.

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