Best Apps to Make Home Buying Easier

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It’s time to go house hunting. Where do you begin? How do you find what’s available, what the area is like, which schools are nearby? Why not check out these mortgage lenders in chatanooga tn for some possible great mortgage options you may want to consider! Well, there’s an app for that! Many apps, actually, but we’ve narrowed them down to the best apps that actually make home buying easier. You can also try looking for Beaufort SC real estate company to help you purchase your dream house. You can also visit a place like for more houses to choose from.

#1. Zillow

A quick zip through the Zillow app will yield listings in your desired neighborhood, price range. Just plug in your desired zip code or, if you want to stay in your same neighborhood, just click on the “homes near me” option. This works with your GPS, so let’s say you are out driving around and you find a neighborhood you love – just click and the app will populate a map of red dots representing the homes for sale with their asking price to avoid unnecessary clicks on homes out of your price range.

Zillow has a simple interface with tons of information right on the same page. Pictures, address, square footage, bedrooms, and price. It even shows you if the price has been cut, how long the home has been on the market, and your estimated mortgage payment. Find the home on google maps right on the listing page, see the realtor’s property description, see how many potential buyers have viewed the home AND how many have saved it. You can also get advice on your mortgage at Firstxtra.

Are you concerned what the home’s resale value will be in a few years? The Zillow app projects an estimate for you based on recent home trends. So go ahead, map out the homes or beachfront townhouses for sale Estepona you want to see, save them in the app, and contact the listing agent and lenders right through the app. The one drawback with Zillow is the number of real estate agents you can contact. Realtors can list themselves for a fee even if they are not the listing agent, and you may actually be contacting a buyer’s agent. Overall, Zillow makes it easy and fun to buy a home!

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The app has a super simple interface with lots of white space. It is super clear and you can simply swipe through pages instead of having everything on a single page. Click a little heart to save a listing, and then later you can go through your saved search. app also has the ability to search nearby, populating a map with red dots (but no home prices), or the option to view nearby homes in list form, which populates pictures with prices and number of bedrooms. Each individual listing has photos and home information, as well as nearby schools, neighborhood and HOA information, and mortgage calculators.

There are two excellent features of the app that set it apart from others. One is the ability to make notes right on the listing and save them with your search. The other feature of note is that the only agent to contact is the listing agent. The app is easy to use, simple and straightforward.

#3. Home Scouting MLS Mobile App

The Home Scouting MLS Mobile App is a professional style app for homebuyers already working with a buyer’s agent or mortgage professional. Not an app for the general public, so don’t download it until you are working with an agent, because it is an invitation only app. Home Scouting is a password protected site, so there is no spam, no advertising and no fluff. Your personal information is secure and no one will sell your information to a third party.

You have real time access to all of the MLS listings. Real time access means you will never inquire about a home that has been off the market for weeks. When you use the Home Scouting app, you will feel like a professional agent is walking you through your home search, and you can schedule showings from within the app.

You can save listings, track properties, and set alerts for updates of pictures and share listings with your friends and family. Basically, with the Home Scouting Mobile App, you have access to everything an agent can access, except the seller’s information of course.

Aside from these apps, companies like the one at can really help you out. There are a lot of useful resources to be found online, including the full websites of the aforementioned apps. Another good place to look is for local moving companies. Search “movers NYC” or “movers LA” for example, and you will find a lot of options. Happy House Hunting!

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Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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