What Can Knowing Code Do For You?

Mar 08, 2017 • Apps & Software
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There are many great things to understand in the contemporary world. However, there is one skill that consistently remains more valuable than most other skills, the ability to understand code. This is not a skill for just the technologically advanced, this skill can help everyone. As Steve Jobs the founder of Apple Inc. stated, “Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” This type of thinking will help any professional in today’s ever-expanding demand for skills and abilities. In this article, we will be explaining how code can help everyone from a technologically savvy individual to someone who simply enjoys learning understand life at a deeper level.

Understanding Every Level Of Abstraction

As stated above, learning how to code will help you truly understand how to think. This is due to the intricate level of understanding that is required to create software. Software is created by understanding the problem’s solution at the smallest level. As you build on that, you have more parts to the problem solved. As an example, we will build a program that calculates some math based on a user’s input. In order to program this, we would:

  • Ask the user for an input of an integer and optionally adding a decimal
  • Inputting the given number into the system/li>
  • Asking for an additional integer
  • Inputting the second number into a different value than the first
  • Ask what operation is to be completed (+ , – , / , *)
  • Insert the operation into the system
  • Take integer one and integer two and perform the operation given in the previous step
  • Output the value that was calculated from the program

This method of understanding can and is applied to every program you have ever used. As you can imagine, looking at every problem from software to real-world problems, will force you to understand everything at the fundamental level first.

Communicating With Your Employees

Understanding code is more important if you are in the technological sector. This is exponentially more important from a business owner’s standpoint. Understanding how to code will enhance your communication skills with your employees. Instead of asking a database manager to create something that responds to any inputs in the database, you can explain that you require a trigger that responds when a user inputs a certain string into the query. Without a technological background in code, you cannot reach the level of detail that your employees yearn for when given a task to complete. Furthermore, this level of clarity will improve productivity in implementations, service production, and software development.

Revitalize Your Career

According to the statistics, learning how to program can almost guarantee you a job upon proving your ability. As the reliance on technological systems increases year after year, the need for software engineers to program those systems increase too. Unless we find a technology that will replace computers and systems in the coming years, job security and job opportunity is abundant for software developers.

Notice The Trends

As a business owner or a budding software developer, it is important to understand the difference between buzzwords and promising technologies. This ability will help you optimize your business before the competition as a business owner, or become the early adopter of a technology, giving you the edge over your co-workers. Furthermore, a savvy business owner will find technological methods to reduce overhead and costs like employing a virtual bookkeeper or integrating deep learning algorithms to enhance business intelligence. Learning code will help you discern the difference between great technological advances and general fads.

Learning to code can benefit you strictly by learning exactly what you’d like from a system or employee. Furthermore, it will teach you how to learn and think at an abstract level. Furthermore, it is possible to learn how to code with the abundant resources available to you online and at your library.

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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