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May 16, 2013 • Mobile, Startups
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Card_Star TrekCredit and debit cards are so boring to look at.  Banks and credit card companies sometimes offer some sports team designs or “cute’’ animal designs that may liven up the plastic card’s look, but the standard company logo is issued to the owner. is seeking to change the boring plastic colors and bring something much more  fashionable to have in your wallet.  There are over 300 designs to choose from to help you show off your true fashion sense.  But, the fashion isn’t the only offering from; they are also trying to create a better and easier alternative to mobile online banking for users everywhere. uses pre-paid Visa debit cards for users who sign-up.  There are multiple ways to transfer funds to the card such as Paypal, check loads, Green Dot MoneyPak, direct deposit, or even load it from a Western Union.  They want to keep it simple and ensure customers that the card is safe and secure to use with Visa Zero Liability and 100% FDIC insurance.  The card can be used wherever Visa or Mastercards are accepted, which is almost anywhere in the world.  Therefore, you never will be at a place that doesn’t accept your fashionable card.

Withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide and provides where the nearest ATMs are available worldwide.  The monthly fees are only $5.95, but the fee can be waived with a direct deposit of at least $800 a month.  There can never be overdraft fees or late fees as the user can only purchase whatever amount is left in the card.  No need to stop by a bank branch anymore, everything can be taken care of online. is putting online mobile banking into a fun, fashionable, and hassle-free experience.  The simple formula of a pre-paid debit card allows users to have another alternative to carrying money without the frustrations of going to a bank.  With a new way of shopping and spending cash, don’t let the plastic weigh your wallet down.  Just let the plastic card do all the talking.

See what cards fits your style here.

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