Today, Los Angeles based PromoJam released their newest product to the world offering marketers something they haven’t had before – full control and insight into social campaigns. With PromoJam 2.0, marketers now have the power to create social media campaigns with no development or design skills required – just drag and drop. The Social Promotion Management Platform is for businesses of all types – small, medium and enterprise.

TechZulu had the pleasure again this year to help bring all the New Media Expo (NMX) 2013 Keynotes sessions live. If you missed out on the keynotes live we have all of them for you on demand.

You have probably heard of several projects from @WalmartLabs, such as Polaris, a search engine; Shopycat, a social gift finder; Classrooms, a program to simplify back-to-school shopping.

Goodies Co has today November 26 introduced Free Shipping to help shoppers enjoy goodies from Cyber Monday till Friday, November 30 as Christmas fast approaches.

ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists and researchers, was founded by virologists Dr. Ijad Madisch and Sören Hofmayer, and IT specialist Horst Fickenscher. According to the founders, ResearchGate was built for scientists, by scientists in a move to improve research through collaboration regardless of the distance between the research team.

Without quality analysis, a company will introduce application errors to its products, and its customers will stumble upon to do their work within the cloud application.

Customers have thousands of websites to choose from when ordering products. So presenting them with errors erodes their trust, and, eventually, your revenue.

As IBM goes flash with its acquisition of Texas Memory Systems and the recent public launch of Data Collective for Big Data entrepreneurs DNA was the least expected move for storage.

A Harvard researcher says data can now be stored in human DNA devices with more capacity to store exploding quantities of digital data.

A tweet by Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on August 9th caused a stir in the tech scenes. A new venture fund had been launched, not because it was her husband’s but it was a totally unique and different fund and a timely move.

The Thursday launch of Data Collective demonstrates the increasing uptake of Big Data and signals a new door for entrepreneurs building Big Data companies.

On Tuesday PayPal acquired, a smartphone credit card scanner.
According to Hill Ferguson, VP Global Product PayPal, will integrate its credit card information capturing technology to PayPal’s mobile wallet. The payment details were not made public.

“Some say data is the new black,” laughs former LInkedin data scientist, DJ Patil on stage during the Mesh Conference in Toronto, Wednesday, May 23, 2012. Patil’s presentation ‘Managing Life in a Chaotic World via Data,’ starts with an audience experiment to show us that “we are all data products,” according to Patil. We all do complex processing for mental algorithms that make predictions about ourselves and our environment.