Chris “Broadway” Romero the creator of Thisis50.com and the 50 Cent Social Media Empire gives us some insight during the AlwaysOn OnHollywood Conference.  Working with 50 and his commitment to the social media technology realm, Chris has brought a fresh and inexpensive spin to help promote 50 all over the web.  Chris goes over…continue reading.

Its been a long time coming and it has finally arrived thanks to the folks over at the International Academy of Web Television (IAWT).  The Streamy Awards is co-hosted by Tilzy.TV, Tubefilter, and NewTeeVee — to recognize outstanding achievement for shows produced originally for broadband distribution.   With an attendance of over 1300 people the…continue reading.

TechZulu would like to present HQ.0! HQ.0 lets you get an up close and personal look inside the hottest offices of your favorite companies! You’ve got an all-access pass inside their offices—the ones you wish you had! Now if only your parents basement could transform into a 314,159 ft2 tricked out office, that would make life grand.

Incase you weren’t one of the lucky 250 people to get tickets to tonight’s MindShare. We are streaming the keynotes live at http://techzulu.com/live.html starting around 9-930pm Also at tonight’s event I will be doing a Microsoft Tag Treasure Hunt! If you are attending you can find the buried treasure through tags. People who find at…continue reading.

One of the biggest turn outs for SMCLA yet.  The venue was packed with people of all levels of the film industry.  Missed out?  Well we bring you the panel and discussion in its entirety.  A few of the topics discussed are as follows:   Digital distribution Social discovery Marketing/PR in this new landscape DRM…continue reading.

Tonight we will be streaming live from Mindshare at 9:30 p.m. PST.  For those who not might know what Mindshare is, they are a cross pollination that arises from gathering individuals who might not otherwise interact. It is an energetic mix of open-minded people from architects to programmers to writers to painters to engineers and…continue reading.

TechZulu will be streaming ‘Live’ tonight at the Social Media Club Los Angeles. Tonights focus will be on the effect of social media on the film industry.  Make sure to tune at 7pm PST and join in on the conversation. We will cover: Digital distribution Social discovery Marketing/PR in this new landscape DRM Democratized content…continue reading.

When he’s not rockin’ and rappin’, Mike Shinoda’s bloggin’. The Linkin Park vocalist took the keynote stage at Blog World Expo with Tim Ferriss (The 4-Hour work week) & Rohit Bhargava (Author, Personality Not Included), to discuss what it takes to create “You, Inc.”, online or offline in a crowded world, & managing your brand.…continue reading.

Bloody-Disgusting covers horror movies with reviews, interviews and news. It is currently run by Brad Miska and Tom Owen.  It is widely considered to be the “world’s most popular horror website.” In 2007, it was purchased by The Collective, a Beverly Hills based management company.   Interviewee: Spooky Dan

And the answer that RealD Co-Founder and President Joshua Greer gives is a resounding, “YES!” We talked to Joshua at the Beverly Hills offices of RealD about everything from 3D’s beginnings, a la the stereoscope and stereographic cards (he has a set in his offices that he gladly shows off) to the latest 3D film…continue reading.