This week our special guest is Micki Krimmel of NeighborGoods.net on TechZulu Live. NeighborGoods, it’s an online community where you can save and earn money by sharing stuff with your friends.

In this episode of TechZulu Live we had special guest Tyler Koblasa of Ming.ly. Born out of a Los Angeles Startup weekend then going on to be a Twiistup presenter Ming.ly is a Social CRM.

In our premiere episode of TechZulu Live we had special guest Ryan Born of AudioMicro and Audioo. With Ryan we go over a few tech news highlights, dig into the Audioo experience, and learn how he gets things done in the entrepreneurial world.

Sending out a package is always a hassle and especially when you don’t know the recipients address.  SendSocial wants to make the shipping process just a little bit easier by removing the address equation out of the problem.  As long as you know their Twitter ID or email address you are golden, and SendSocial will…continue reading.

With the amount of Coworking office spaces popping up all over the world it would be nice to find one and find out which one would suit you best wherever you may be.  WorkSnug helps you find a spot by essentially being a directory of modern workspaces (Cafe’s, restaurants, etc.) as well as Coworking office…continue reading.

If you are like me and have pictures, videos and other information all over the web but then forget where you uploaded what, then MyWeboo might be something worth checking out.  MyWeboo is a file management system that centralizes all of your networks like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Flickr, Delicious and even your PC (not Mac…continue reading.

A “Blippy for Voicemail” is how CEO Ryan Born describes Audioo.  Allowing you to share your voicemail’s, something which most people feel is extremely private, to the world. Audioo has made it really easy for you to upload your voicemail.  The easiest being, if you have a Google Voice account, the Firefox add-on.  Simply click…continue reading.

If you like to take your time to order food, like me, or even if you don’t and already know what you want when you are seated YWaiter may be the iPhone app for you.  Ywaiter allows you to dine-in or take-out orders directly from your phone.  For restaurants that want to they are able…continue reading.

Taking a few pages out of the ChatRoulette book, cleaning it up and giving it an actual purpose and you are presented with Chatfe.  Winner of a “Best Viable Business” award from a Microsoft Bizspark competition, Chatfe is a voice platform that allows you to communicate with someone new and talk about common interests you…continue reading.

Oh Craigslist, the place you go to find just about anything you may be looking for and then some.  Well now there is a place startups can go to find just about anything a startup may need and its called Help A Startup Out (HASO).  The categories are made up of “Advisors”, “Feedback Needed”, “Co-founder…continue reading.