Catching up with NeighborGoods was a treat.  NeighborGoods launch back in October of 2009 and has made some huge leaps and bounds over the past few months.  For those of you who may not know of NeighborGoods, it’s an online community where you can save and earn money by sharing stuff with your friends.  Through…continue reading.

Leading the pack in iPhone (soon Android as well) app development, Mobile Roadie is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Schedule, after reschedule, after reschedule we finally caught up with founder and CEO Michael Schneider. For those of you who may not know what Mobile Roadie is it’s a simple and inexpensive service which…continue reading.

We caught up with Erin Bury, Community Manager of Sprouter to help explain what they are all about. Sprouter, an online service designed to help entrepreneurs get more out of their interactions with others without needing to deal with all the noise people deal with on Twitter.  Using a similar concept of twitter but adding…continue reading.

Last Thursday Dealmaker LA brought together a great bunch of speakers to go over a very important subject…The Exit.  Knowing when you should cash in all in or hold out for a bigger earn-out can be a tough decision.  In this series a few key points will be gone over: Given the market upheaval, what…continue reading.

AT&T is doing their part to help support the Entrepreneurs in California. They are focusing the funding to benefit organizations that provide assistance to women business owners. Each organization that has been chosen will receive $25,000 from the $250,000 funding that was provided. It’s always great to see support like this coming from a big…continue reading.

Freemium, Subscription, Virtual Goods oh my!  These are just a few of the monetization models that were covered during this conversation.  But which fits your company the best?  In this Strategy Series, you’ll get to sit down with executives and entrepreneurs who are leveraging new monetization models. What key lessons did they learn through the…continue reading.

CellFrog, local SoCal start-up from San Diego, announced today the addition of Conference Recording Plus.  This new feature allows users to easily record, publish, download and share recordings. All of your recorded calls are backed-up on the site and always available online for quick sharing and managing recording access. Using CellFrog’s newest feature I was…continue reading.

Thrive’s ultimate goal is to end bad debt in America. The company is building the first on-line, 24/7 financial advisory for young adults. They help people in their 20s and 30s gain control over their financial lives by helping them figure out what to do with their money-aside from spending it!   Thrive was conceived…continue reading.

  Missed out on the Live stream?  Well we have the entire talk and all its goodness ready for you to digest. The focus will be around the evolution of a business and if need be the change of a business model to go with the changing times.     In this Strategy Series, we’ll…continue reading.

Tonight at 6:00pm PST we will be ‘Live’ streaming from the Clearstone Venture Partner office. The focus will be around the evolution of a business and if need be the change of a business model to go with the changing times. Click here to join us. In this Strategy Series, we’ll discuss: * Timing is…continue reading.