Earbits | Free Indie Music Now Available on iOS

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earbitsMusic lovers rejoice!  Earbits is now available for both the iPhone and iPad.  No ads, commercial-free, and available worldwide.  What else can you ask for from a music app like Earbits?  How about listening to the amazing group of musicians playing over Earbits airwaves.

The app has over 350 channels of music with over 12,000 independent artists to listen to.  Don’t know where to start?  Just head on over to any of their channels and explore, because it’s all free!  Earbits is a new way to explore music and find something new you never heard of before; an experience a user gets from Earbits.  The ability to explore new genres and artists with no interruptions is a freedom music lovers rarely have these days.

Once you find an artist worth listening to, bookmark them to listen to their albums in its entirety.  Earbits uses “social currency” called Groovies to get users to interact with the many independent artists Earbits has to offer.  Groovies are acquired by users by “liking” an artist’s Facebook page, following their Twitter, and other artist-friendly actions.  In return, Groovies allow users to listen to more on-demand music and gain rewards.  The social currency creates an interaction between artists and fans like no other music app out there.

grooviesEarbits CEO, Joey Flores says,

“The Earbits Radio iOS app puts artists in the center of the experience, providing simple ways for listeners to engage with them.  This approach generates more value for content owners than the ad- and commercial-supported models of other net broadcasters, giving us the flexibility to offer consumers around the world an experience free of commercials or usage limitations.”

Music lovers looking for new music or a better way to experience music should check out what Earbits is doing.  Earbits focuses on what they can provide to both music listeners and musicians alike.  This creates an interaction between both fans and artists like no other.  Instead of listening to the radio, why not take control of what you want to listen to and checkout the Earbits iOS app today.

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