Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

Nov 13, 2012 • Apps & Software, Marketing
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Fan Appz, a Santa Monica headquartered firm founded in 2010, and a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) today Tuesday  launched its Personalized Marketing Platform, a next-generation social media marketing solution set to help firms convert fans into customers and increase repeat purchases by turning good customers into great ones.

Speaking on the launch Jon Siegal, Founder & CEO, Fan Appz Inc said, “The fun of counting Likes, comments and retweets has faded. Companies want to see their social media investment drive sales.”

And due to empowerment, the consumer too wants to be addressed as a unique individual – not ‘marketed to’as part of some mythical mass audience.

Siegal added,“Social data holds the key. From email addresses and demographics to Likes, brand affinitiesand interests, it gives marketersthe insights they need to address consumers as individuals with relevant, meaningful messages that drive response. That’s how social can help build customer lifetime value.”

Close The Sale

Unlike first-generation social media solutions that focus on building awareness at the top of the funnel, Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform helps brands close the sale. It makes it easy to drive engagement,capture social data, and analyze it for actionable insights. It then helps brands put those insights to work to improve the targeting, personalization and performance of all of their marketing efforts, from email marketing and social and display advertising to website and in-store promotions.

Platform For Speed & Scalability

The new Fan Appz solution runs on the SAP HANA® platform.

Fan Appz chose to support SAP HANA for its unprecedented speed and scalability, which enables the real-time analytical processing of large volumes of complex data. Fan Appz’ major brand clients have hundreds of millions of fans, each of which has thousands of social data attributes.

Borja Perez, SVP Digital and Social Media, Telemundo applauded Fan Appz work.

“As the leading Spanish-language content creator in the US, Telemundo is engaging the Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform to super-serve our audience with content across every social media platform,” He said and added, “With millions of fans and followers across the globe, we are always looking for ways to gain insights to further connect with our audience.”

What Fan Appz does;

  1. Fan Appz’ Social Experience Apps make it easy to grow and engage social audiences across multiple networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, and capture social data. The completesuite of publishing, engagement and promotional apps –including sweepstakes, contests, games and more– help brands drive viral engagement to gather valuable social data inputs.
  2. Fan Appz’ Consumer Insights Hub reveal to brands the identity of their fans, including likes, interests and such demographics as gender, age, location, education, relationship status among others. Comprising an industry-leading social data warehouse and a social OLAP dashboard, the Hub makes it easy to capture, filter and analyze social data to glean actionable insights. Brands can also integrate their customer and transaction data.
  3. Fan Appz’ Marketing Integration Solutionsempower brands to put their social data insights to work driving conversion across all of their marketing efforts. The marketing solutions comprise a growing series of APIs that work with major email marketing platforms, ad targeting services and website recommendation solutions, as well as integrations with select providers.

Top Features

Fan Appz also has some amazing features.

It has released key innovations and enhancements to its suite of Social Experience Apps. The Social Experience Apps  include a superior mobile experience for consumers using smartphones and tablets, a ‘Refer-A-Friend’ feature that rewards fans for sharing, and integration with major social networks (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+ and Facebook and Twitter).

The company also released its Prediction & Trivia Game, which can live on sites of all kinds. Used by major brands during the London 2012 Olympics, the game reflects players actions on their Facebook timelines and tickers, driving brand impressions and bringing still more players into the game.

Social Data Insights To Improve the Marketing

Fan Appz focuses on collecting social data with fans’ permission, to help brands improve the targeting, personalization and performance of all of their Marketing efforts. These efforts help brands convert fans into customers, and turn good customers into great ones.

According to the firm, its Personalized Marketing Platform makes it easy to grow, engage and learn about and convert one’s audiences, build awareness and drive engagement to up sales. The firm also boast of strong foundations in the CRM software and Direct Marketing industries critical to help brands go from counting likes and retweets to driving conversion and repeat purchase.

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