Jobscience Acquires and Closes Down Atomkeep

Aug 06, 2012 • Business, M&A, Social Media
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Jobscience early today acquired Atomkeep in a move the company says was to help job seekers validate their social image over the various social networks to avoid mistaken identities from would be employers.

Jobscience says on their blog that it was built on’s platform and gives social entreprises recruiting and talent management solutions.

On their blog Atomkeep says,”Today, we are excited to share that the Atomkeep will be joining, where we’ll advance our mission to promote individual ownership of their own social profile in the workplace.

Atomkeep also says it will,” cease operation and service effective immediately”.  The company is now working on a re-launch in the coming months.

Atomkeep subscribers use their single profile to uniformly post to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Monster, Yelp and YouTube accounts. This ensures they are accurate and up-to-date for potential employers. According to Atomkeep this makes them accurate and reduces chances of mistaken identity online.

Jobscience say social connectivity is the future and it using social, mobile and CRM solutions to hiring, managing talent and aiding organisations stay connected with best talent.  The Atomkeep acquisition makes it a step further into its goal as the firm says the employers believe in validated social information before taking up talent.

Job seekers too are aware of the impact of their social relationships to their professional lives. The move is a step further for Jobscience in making this happen.

Jobscience CEO Ted Elliott said,”It has become common practice for employers and colleges to request access to social media sites and use the information to screen applicants”.

He added that “Job seekers need to control their social identity and validate what they are willing to share with employers.”

Atomkeep was launched in 2008 and syncs users information on their social networks with online job boards.  It in turn helps users validate and control their identities across social networks Accessing user-validated accounts helps recruiters and employers avoid cases of mistaken identity and potential liability issues.

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