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Knowmia is a newly launched online video learning tool founded by two ex Flip Video co-founders and staff, Ariel Braunstein and marketing executive Scott Kabat.

Knowmia crowdsources and sorts best video lessons for college students from top teachers and helps parents or guardians follow their child’s college performance.

The founders mostly encourage credentialed teachers to sign up and post their video lessons freely with the help of a free Knowmia Teach iPad app.

According Knowmia, more than 7,000 free video lessons have been uploaded on the Knowmia site for use by college students and or concerned parents. Knowmia plans to start with high school students using its full range of extended learning for K-12 families to help students succeed in school.

According to the founders the online video tool is an affordable, convenient and time saving tool for students. Its featuring video lessons from experienced teachers, helps students understand challenging topics covered in class and helps them in their revision for tests or exams.

Ariel Braunstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Knowmia said in a statement,

“We want to alleviate the stress students and parents feel about school by providing personalized learning based on the talents of great teachers everywhere.”

Knowmia will also help students access supplemental learning conveniently and affordably.

Braunstein added,

“By democratizing access to this untapped world of knowledge, we empower students to learn from the teachers who best fit their individual needs.”

Recently, Boundless Learning promised to make college education affordable by replacing college  textbooks.

Knowmia in the same line says the traditional textbook is declining as teachers are turning to video  to deliver creative lessons and engage their students online.

Knowmia’s video-enriched education is accessible to students remotely after signing up. The application is in public beta with additional features coming.

In the Fall Knwomia promises to bring what it calls Mini-Courses; less than an hour teacher-curated video lessons with teacher comments and quizzes to measure students progress.

Knowmia is a Y Combinator startup and is self and seed funded.

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