Interviews: Melani Gordon – Gwave Livram – Levram Design Dan Tentler – Bar Camp Jason Jennings – Clever Tools Chuck Norris – Eventful Nate Ritter – Freelance Consultant N.G. – PackZoola  

Interviews: Chris Hendricks – Dave Smith –  

What better way to spend your Wednesday night than the Air-Conditioned Supper Club in Venice Beach California with some of the biggest startups in the West Coast. Twiistup has become a growing sensation with every event put together. This year at Twiistup 3 not only attracted bloggers but networks as well. CBS and KCAL had…continue reading.

Drinks 2.0 was the first big tech party in Southern California of 2008. It was held last night 1/3/08 at the Barefoot Restaurant in Los Angeles. The event was exclusively for developers and if you are one and did not attend Drinks 2.0, I suggest you fire your booking agent. The turn out was a…continue reading.

We attended Lunch 2.0 at Goowy in San Diego    

Shopzilla invited all of the tech community in L.A. for Lunch 2.0 in Santa Monica. (Shopzilla is a leading comparison shopping service. The company’s mission is to enable shoppers to quickly and easily find, compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere.) This was an event to gather all the techies in L.A. to…continue reading.