Protect What You Love: 6 Threats You Didn’t Know Your Business Was Facing

Sep 07, 2016 • Business, Culture
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Chances are, your business is your passion. It’s the reason you get out of bed in the morning, and it’s on your mind constantly throughout the day. That level of devotion obviously leads to an overwhelming desire to protect it from any possible threats out there, from the cataclysmic to the minor. Without that protection, your business could easily succumb to the same problems that so many others have faced and fallen to. It all comes down to preparation. If a threat hits you without the right preparation, oftentimes it’s too late to act. Of course, the first step in preparing for the issues and problems you could face is learning about what those threats are. You may already have in mind some of the major threats, but let’s take a look at some that you may be overlooking.


Theft may seem like an obvious threat at first, especially if you own a business that allows customers into the store, but the problem may be more prevalent than you realize. This isn’t just a case crooks entering a store and shoplifting some items; it happens in office environments as well. The culprits in those cases are usually employees, workers who think they can get away with swiping office supplies. While losing some pens or paper weights might not seem like that big of a deal, if the amount of theft continues to add up, it could cost your company quite a bit of money. Help from surveillance services to install a video surveillance system can significantly curb this problem.

Property Damage

Customers and employees may not steal items, but they could end up damaging them. This could be from a simple accident, or it could happen through vandalism. Either way, in cases of property damage, the cost could be high, which really puts a strain on your business. Once again, one of the best ways to discourage incidents of vandalism is through surveillance technology, whether it be to keep a better eye on employees or bring charges against outsiders who deface what you own.

Sexual Harassment

While the workplace is a more tolerant environment now than it’s ever been, cases of sexual harassment still crop up. In fact, a report from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission found that 7,500 complaints were made in 2012, resulting in more than $40 million in benefits from claims. Preventing sexual harassment should be considered a priority. Not only do you have to think about the financial losses should such an incident take place at your business, you have to take into account the effect it could have on employee productivity and morale.

Outside Cyber Threats

More of the world’s business is done online, and if you want to compete, you’ll likely need to take your company digital. While this strategy is necessary, it also opens your organization to more cyber threats. Hackers of all types are eager to seize valuable information from companies, whether it be account numbers or customer information. Infiltration of company networks and bypassing of security measures is now commonplace. You’ll need to have the latest technology on hand to combat these cyber attacks before they do serious damage.

Insider Cyber Threats

Cyber threats could come from the inside as well. The most common form this takes is through employees accidentally allowing harmful attacks in. For example, an employee that opens an email attachment containing malware can unwittingly unleash an attack on the rest of the network, infecting company machines and systems. Less common is the disgruntled employee who steals valuable data. No matter the form it takes, your business should be aware of the threats and do what you can to protect your most vital information.

Supply Chain Disruption

Your business is likely not self-sustaining. You probably rely on products and resources from numerous third parties. For various reasons, this supply chain could get disrupted, often through no fault of your own. This can affect you in serious ways, whether it be not having the materials to make your own products or being unable to ship what you do make. Protecting these supply chains ensures your business can operate at full capacity. Part of the threat to supply chains can be faced through insurance policies and making sure those you do business with are reputable and reliable.

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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