IT Software Companies Are Looking For Military Trained Hackers Now

Jun 23, 2015 • Business, Data
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Back in 2012 when the Flame virus was wreaking havoc across the world, the need for army-trained hackers became a whole new frontier for IT software companies. The threat of hacking and loss of data has never been real than now. There are over a billion passwords stolen and stored in a single Russian databases. The worst thing that can happen to any company is waking up one morning and finding out all the data has either been stolen or tampered with. Russian hackers have recently been reported as having accessed President Obama’s email address in as military hackers believe that both Hillary Clinton and the President’s emails are still vulnerable to hacking.

As a result, software companies are turning to military trained hacking talent to help deal with this threat. Government cyber spies are leaving their government jobs and joining the private sector. From breaking into online networks in various hot zones globally to be security engineers in various companies, army-trained hacking sleuths are turning out to be the real deal as companies send crooks to catch crooks.

Israeli software companies are the perfect example. Back in 2012, Gil Shwed, an Israeli Billionaire recruited the best from military elite intelligence units in Israel for a software company he owns and the second largest global producer of security networks, the Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Like governments, companies also want to defend their financial systems, resources and other interests against the reality of cyber threats. It is an era where companies and even countries can easily be paralyzed by a single cyber attack and it makes sense to use the best to guard your interests.

Cyber security companies in their droves globally have now hired government military trained hackers in their hundreds in recent years to capitalise on the boom brought about by hackers in recent past who have broken into websites, critical government installations and other government and private resources stealing massive data and billions of records. As a result, former cyber warriors and spies trained by the best are turning out to be a major cornerstone of the IT software industry today projected to rake in over $48 billion by 2016.

According to these companies, the talent oozing out of the intelligence community and the military is very good. They seem to understand the attackers and how they do their business. A single company alone with a global presence has brought in about 500 ex-government hacking talents within its walls in 2014 alone. Small companies are also attracting top talent with a number hiring around 15 top hackers from the government.

This top talent does not come cheap, obviously. The hires from military computer hacking elite squads are reported to have over five competing offers at any given time even after earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from the military for the same job. The run for top cyber security talent is on its all time high and it pays off.

Back in 2012 after recruiting the best ex-Israeli army hacking talent, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd saw its shares jumping over 70 percent in less than 48 months as its two main competitors saw their shares in the Nasdaq Stock Market fall within the same period by around 30 percent.

The modern cyber threat to companies and governments is real as the functionality and complexity of newly discovered malware seems to exceed past known cyber menace. These threats, such as the Flame virus are considered super cyber weapons and can take down any establishment at any time; IT software companies are reaping big helping businesses safeguard themselves against the new era of cyber theft and terrorism.

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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