The Consumer Adoption Process Never Changes

Aug 06, 2013 • Advertising, Business, Marketing
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3d-with-glassesMarketing tools may change, the way consumers discover products may change, and consumer behaviors may change, but one thing that remains constant is the consumer adoption process.  In my years of business, my days in school, and my experience at WeLink, I have learned about numerous companies and how they market their products.  I have seen some failures and I have witnessed some successes.  What is interesting to me is how important it is for businesses to truly understand the 5 stages of the consumer adoption process and the important role this process plays in creating a successful marketing strategy.  The 5 stages are: product awareness, product interest, product evaluation, product trial, and production.

Companies work hard to create a product and they need to work just as hard to create a process that walks their consumers through the consumer adoption phases.

Product Awareness

It is important that you create a successful avenue for your consumers to become aware of your product.   If consumers don’t know your product exists, then it might as well not exists.  This is the stage in which the consumer becomes aware that your product is in the market, but the consumer lacks enough information to really understand your product.   I recommend creating a strong social presence for your product.  With social discovery on the rise companies must use social channels to create product awareness.

Product Interest

In this stage consumers are ready to learn more about your product.  As a company you must ensure that when a consumer is in the interest stage they can find further information on your product. It is important to have a website, blog posts, videos, and other sources of info that potential consumers can discover and review.

Product Evaluation

In this stage the consumer is evaluating if they should purchase your product or not.  They are in search of information.  We are now finding that consumers go online and utilize social discovery tools to ask other individuals about your product or service.  In addition, they find online reviews and recommendations.  If possible, I suggest creating information that outlines the difference between your product and other similar products.  Outline what separates your product from others.

Product Trial

This is when the consumer “kick the tires”.  Nothing helps a consumer make a decision about your product, than actually trying your product out.  There are many ways this is accomplished.  For example, your company can provide your consumer with a free trial or your consumer can see a live demo.

Product Adoption

When your consumer has entered the product adoption phase he/she is ready to make use of your product.  This is the stage that businesses need to get their consumers to.  This is when you can take money to the bank!

Whether you have a new business or an existing business the consumer adoption process is the same.  It is important to create a process to successfully take your consumers through these stages.  If you can nail this, then you are in business. Remember that marketing your product is as important, if not more important, than creating your product.

Nathan Chandra

Nathan Chandra, Co-Founder and Chief Hustler of WeLink, is an entrepreneur at heart and thrives off ideas. He is a shameless promoter and has successfully helped start companies in the music, legal and technology industries. Being a smooth operator gives Nathan a slick demeanor, but don't be fooled; his business brain is always in gear. In a past lifetime, Nathan wrote and performed on Jon B's platinum selling "Cool Relax" album alongside 2Pac and Babyface. While rocking shows throughout the world, Nathan was dubbed Mr. Cool Pants during a sold out concert in London. Mary J brought him on stage and the jumbotron showed Nathan doing what is now known as "the cool pants dance". The crowd went into a hysteria! Nathan's man cave is filled with pictures from this night and unmentionables that were thrown on stage. If you ever meet Nathan, don't ask him to do the dance. We made the mistake of doing this and we've been love sick ever since.

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