The Entrepreneur Association Can’t Be Stopped | Holding 90 sec Fast Pitch Competition

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UCLA EA HeaderYou read that right. UCLA’s Entrepreneurship Association is at it again. This time they’re inviting you to attend their annual Fast Pitch Conference. UCLA’s EA fast-pitch Conference is being held at UCLA tomorrow, with fast-pitch Semi Finals and the Final Round. The EA Conference annual fast pitch competition offers aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business idea in 90 seconds or less to a panel of judges, providing high exposure to the investment and Venture Capitalist community.

Registration for the event opens at 8:00 am, which will be followed by several Panelist Speakers. I already know you’re interested so make sure to park and be inside room D301 before 11:30am, or you’ll miss the Fast-Pitch Semi-final round being held within. The actual final round is being held from 3:15-4:15 in the Korn Convocation Hall, which will be immediately followed by the Winner Announcement.

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Judging this year’s Fast-pitch Conference is a splendid all-star cast featuring:

  • Jason Beck, VP of Vicente Capital Partners
  • William Hsu, co-founder of MuckerLab
  • Robert Jadon, Director of Startup UCLA
  • Jamie Kantrowitz, co-founder of Gobbler,
  • Mark Kapcznski from Kontrol Media Corp,
  • Jeff Scheinrock, President & CEO of Originate
  • and Matt Richter-Sand, founder of N/X Fitness

Every person listed above is an acknowledged and distinguished investment professional and entrepreneur. Each pitch will be judged for both presentation quality and investment potential. Keep in mind that receiving any feedback, positive or negative, constructive or other is advise well worth listening to.

Three prizes are available to competitors, each more exciting than the first.

  • 3rd Prize: Incorporation package for your startup
  • 2nd Prize: $1,000 Cash + Incorporation package of your startup
  • 1st Prize:  $2,000 Cash + 3 Months Coworking Space for 2 in Hollywood ( + Incorporation package of your startup

As I stated above, there are several Panel speakers and I can’t play down the Keynote Speeches to be presented by Bill Gross, Adam Miller and Dr. Al Osborne. This is planned to be a full day of learning, and growth centered on business prowess. Even if you don’t plan to compete, I consider attendance mandatory for any LA based startup, seeking info on how to best move forward.

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