Wearable World Inc. Announces Collaboration to Create IoT and Wearables Solutions for Cities

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Wearable World, Inc., the San Francisco-based technology incubator and ventures company, announced today the inaugural IoT for Cities Summit and Challenge with the City of San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (MOCI) to design, create and build Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables applications for improving city life for residents and visitors in cities around the world.

“There isn’t a better city in the world to explore the benefits of IoT and wearables at a civic scale like that offered by San Francisco,” says Redg Snodgrass, Co-Founder and CEO, Wearable World. “This is the city we call home, and we are proud to have the opportunity to utilize our networks to drive this initiative forward and make city living better for everyone.”

The IoT for Cities Summit and Challenge, scheduled for March 10-11, 2015, in San Francisco will welcome government officials, industry representatives, entrepreneurs, investors and residents to conduct a large-scale listening and idea sharing session. The Summit will examine verticals such as transportation, hospitality, entertainment, city services, healthcare, among others, and discuss potential IoT applications. Together, Wearable World and MOCI will build a working blueprint for cities around the world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of non-traditional computing devices communicating with each other via the Internet. From smart homes with intelligent appliances to wearables such as smart watches that remind us to monitor our fitness, current IoT advancements are revolutionizing the way we live and interact with our world. A connected smart city brings together the best of these new technologies and integrates them into the fabric of the life of the city.

According to Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer for the City, San Francisco is ideally suited to lead this effort and provide a road-map for other cities around the world that also want to connect their city services to the internet to improve day-to-day city living.

“Our city is home to some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and companies the world has ever known. Our partnership with Wearable World will help us realize a vision that is about the common good, and our goal for San Francisco is to create a platform of real products and solutions that improve people’s day to day lives.”

At the conclusion of the Summit, a Challenge will be issued to charge entrepreneurs and developers with launching a new generation of IoT products and services for consumers and cities based on the needs identified at the Summit. Teams will have two months to develop working prototypes, concluding in a Demo Day that will showcase the new innovations to investors and industry experts. The best prototypes will enter into a 15-week program at Wearable World to further incubate the concept, and work with potential customers and corporate partners to help achieve product/market fit.

Potential outcomes of the IoT for Cities initiative could include a fire detection system for commercial buildings that notify building managers when fire detector batteries are low and need to be replaced, or a “smart” transportation system that recognizes high traffic areas and notifies transit operators to help alleviate long lines during peak commuter hours.

To launch the effort, Wearable World will establish a soon-to-be-announced IoT Innovation Council of top thought leaders from the corporate, public, private, and academic sectors. The Council will provide guidance and recommendations on ways new IoT technologies can help their industries create more efficient services for San Francisco’s citizens and visitors. Nominations for the IoT Innovation Council are currently being accepted now through November 30.

Wearable World and the City are actively looking for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and technology companies to participate in this historic initiative, as well as community organizations who will be instrumental in helping teams frame the problem statements that the IoT solutions will address.  To learn more about the IoT for Cities Summit and Challenge and follow this event, click here.

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