The rapid pace of marketing and communication technology is affecting the U.S. workforce and putting pressure on traditional agencies already struggling to remain relevant in a fragmented and competitive global media landscape. The impact goes beyond just enabling employees to telecommute. According to Edelman Research, the freelance workforce in the U.S. grew nearly seven percent…continue reading.

We already know that bitcoin is the hottest trend since those self-balancing scooter batteries exploded, but what about tech hardware and gaming? Read on to find our top 7 tech trends of 2018 brought to you by the nerds at Gadget Review. 1. Oculus Go This will be Facebooks first, dedicated VR headset that won’t…continue reading.

The words “Instagram” and “travel” tend to conjure ideas of people who backpack the urban terrain of Paris or Tokyo, sharing photos as they go. These users eventually become the “who’s who” of the social network, and their pictured cities and landmarks become even more desirable travel destinations. But these glamorous locations aren’t the only…continue reading.

Magical sparkling fairies and live Dave Matthews type music greet my eyes and ears as I enter a Business Relationship Wonderland in Hollywood, California Loews Hotel. The venue is filled with elite global innovators and game changers.

Since the introduction of big data over a decade ago in the form of data analytics, it has helped police agencies in different places over the world when matters related to improving strategies for combating crime, making concrete decisions and reduce chances of crime happening are concerned.

If you’re a sleep deprived entrepreneur, who has tried every sleep hack in the book, you may want to consider turning to technology to aid you. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), insufficient sleep is becoming a public health dilemma.

It’s no secret that entrepreneurs are busy all the time–between juggling a business, dealing with employees, and maintaining a social life, it can be next to impossible to get in your eight hours of shut-eye per night.

While greater mainstream acceptance of fully autonomous vehicles promises a wide range of benefits, there are also plenty of drawbacks with this technology that often go overlooked. From motorists who are hesitant to turn over control of their vehicle to a machine to potential obstacles and situations that self-driving vehicles are still struggling to overcome, there are plenty of concerns that need to be addressed before these vehicles can take to the streets in greater numbers.

There are a wide variety of devices out there to add to your smart home, but not all of them are compatible with every control hub like Google Assistant. The following smart home devices can be connected to your Google Home and activated with simple commands to streamline your life and make your daily living that much easier.

As the name would imply, driverless cars are vehicles that do not necessarily need a driver in order to navigate roads. As it stands, most driverless cars are prototype models and are not used on or around public roadways. There are a few different types of driverless cars. Some would be used as delivery vehicles, cutting back on employment costs for certain businesses.