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Mobile Camp LA will be held on Thursday, October 18th, through a collaborative effort organized by User Groups in the Los Angeles Area including LA-UX, iPhone LA, OC Hackerz, Future Salon Network, Android dev LA and many more. The all day event will be held at LA Mart in Downtown Los Angeles with an amazing guest of expert speakers, in different rooms in various topics of your interest.

“Great presentation. It was good to see someone else who actively thinks about the world from the user’s perspective.” -Testimonial from an attendee at the L.A. UX Meetup featuring Eric Reiss.

If you’ve never witnessed Eric Reiss speak at an event, this weekend is your chance to do so! Reiss is a world-renowned usability expert.

Copenhagen is world renowned for its biking culture and has officially become the first Bike City in the World. It’s not a surprise then that the founders of a company that provides a smart solution to university students to rent a bike for free, happen to be Danish. Johan Bender and Kim Sanderhoff are the founders of Free Bike Project. Both are students at the University of Southern California and wanted to provide free bike access to students on campus.

For all of you that’s always had ideas and never knew what to do with them, Startup Weekend is where you can make it happen! It’s a 54 hour frenzy, bringing together business people, developers and designers in one room to compete for awesome prizes! On Friday, September 28, University of Southern California is hosting Startup Weekend spearheaded by organizer, Kishan Patel. Anyone with ideas is welcome to pitch in front of a crowd and build a team.

Have you ever wanted to learn Javascript? Have you ever found yourself in a conversation with developers and found yourself lost or even overwhelmed with new information? If so, then JS Saturday is the event you can’t miss! In a collaborative effort, Ria Consulting, LLC and Los Angeles Net Developers Group are hosting this event on November 10th, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.

We see it all the time. Everywhere you look. In business meetings, dinner with friends, people strolling on the beach, or parents watching their children in the park— people are attached to their device. It’s a question to ask then, how much are we really LIVING in the very essence of the word? Do we appreciate every single moment of our lives? Hearing the birds chirp? Watching our children grow? Smelling the green grass?

Texting and driving has been taboo for over a decade since the ownership of mobile phones have continuously increased. According to surveys, over 100,000 car accidents a year are caused by a driver texting. Moreover, a recent AT&T Wireless survey suggests that 75% of teens consider it “common” for friends to text while driving.

There are so many activities and events that have sprouted this year to support the thriving tech scene in Southern California. From LA Demo Day to Silicon Beach Fest to Crowdstart LA to hackathons to Startup Weekends, companies and entrepreneurs alike have joined forces to feed the startup ecosystem. With all these many activities and so many people coming together it becomes inevitable that situations may arise that can interfere with the community’s best interest.

On August 9th, Startup Weekend San Diego and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University partnered with Google to host the very first Startup Weekend focused on helping Veterans, Service Members and Military Families turn their visions into reality in creating a startup company.

The AT&T Developer Program and Apigee produced the Mobile App Hackathon in Los Angeles, California. Spearheaded by Alex Donn, the event was designed for both technical and non-technical attendees to build apps over the course of a weekend at Io/La, an incubator/co-work space in the heart of Hollywood. This was a free event boasting prizes for winners of various categories such as cash, gift cards, free month stay at Io/La and many more! Breakfast, lunch and dinner were also provided, as well as snacks and other swag –like t-shirts, posters, markers, water bottles, energy drinks, bags, notebooks, etc.