Azure Security is Coming Up; And Here Is What it Means for You

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Never has the job of IT professionals been as challenging as it is now. While the technology revolution has produced some remarkable advancements in computing, the higher level of access has come at the price of increased security risks. This is especially true when considering the fact that all interaction now takes place in a cloud-first, mobile-first world.

IT professionals are now shouldering the responsibility of setting up system alerts for their networks that help to guard against system compromise. In addition to mobile dominance and cloud-based computing, the emergence of the BYOD business model has also created security challenges as employees are now accessing business networks on their personal devices.

The time when simply setting up a firewall was sufficient to protect a network as passed, and the need for a new approach to network computing has presented itself. Fortunately, Microsoft has announced the release of the Azure Security Center, which is a security suite that is designed to help businesses and individuals manage and monitor security for their cloud-based computing resources.

It has been the goal of Microsoft to offer a cloud security solution that was designed to leverage the unique insights that Microsoft has concerning the cyber threat landscape in order to provide tools and resources that will help customers do a more efficacious job of preventing, detecting and responding to threats.

The Azure Security Center provides unparalleled security and support for services that are anchored in the cloud, and it is an integral part of Microsoft’s effort to provide its customers with an agile security platform that has the capacity to provide a holistic security solution for cloud-based systems.

Azure is an essential security element for small to mid-sized businesses.

Close integration with other Microsoft tools

One of the most prevalent benefits of working with an Azure Environment setup specialist is the fact that it is designed to be easily integrated with other Microsoft tools, such as SharePoint and Office 365, making investing in Azure a rational choice for businesses that are looking to optimize their mobility, cost-efficiency and system security. The fact that Azure is a cloud-based system does not restrict businesses in their choice of virtual machines, such as Linux and Windows, with the familiarity of these two popular systems resulting in ease of use and simplified operations. The ability of Azure to offer users a complete seamless, integrated service package ensures that Azure will continue to grow in popularity.

Excellent, reputable standing

Azure offers an exceptional combination of PaaS and IaaS services. The IaaS element is great because it allows businesses to outsource their cloud computing needs to a service provider that can offer an infrastructure based on their specific needs, which helps to lower cost and simplify the operating process. The pass allows companies to create their own software and apps while bypassing the need to buy the actual infrastructure on which the programs are created and operated — meaning that organizations will be able customize their programs to address their exact specification requirements — leading to a more timely and cost-efficient process.


Because Azure is backed by the growing number of global managed data centers owned by Microsoft, the reliability of the program is beyond exceptional. Additionally, the company is currently boasting a 99.95 percent availability rate in addition to 24/7 tech support — not to mention health monitoring.

For organizations who are aware of the specific cloud-computing needs of their company, the flexibility and dependability of the Azure Security Center ensures that they will be able to maximize their cloud-based computing operations without compromising the security of the system.

Alex Espenson

Alex Espenson is a technology writer with a passion for home automation, tech security, and wearable smart devices.

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