Yahoo! Hired in Ken Goldman as its new chief financial officer (CFO), in a bid to redeem the internet pioneer’s fading glory in a sector it once reigned.

Ken Goldman begins work on Oct. 22 replacing CFO Tim Morse, once acting CEO, hired in 2009 by then CEO Carol Bartz.

eBay has introduced a new and efficient optional way to manage returns to replace the old system after clients requests.

In a blog post, eBay says,” With a variety of return procedures, restrictions and policies, it’s often impossible to know what returning an eBay purchase will be like. Sometimes it can be fast and easy; other times it’s like pulling teeth.”

There are so many activities and events that have sprouted this year to support the thriving tech scene in Southern California. From LA Demo Day to Silicon Beach Fest to Crowdstart LA to hackathons to Startup Weekends, companies and entrepreneurs alike have joined forces to feed the startup ecosystem. With all these many activities and so many people coming together it becomes inevitable that situations may arise that can interfere with the community’s best interest.

Mark Zuckerberg has hired World-renowned 83 year-old architect Frank Gehry to design the new Facebook HQ.

Mark said in a post,” I’m excited to work with Frank Gehry to design our new campus. The idea is to make the perfect engineering space: one giant room that fits thousands of people, all close enough to collaborate together. It will be the largest open floor plan in the world.”

Last week we told you about Viddy’s new public API for developers. Viddy also announced another program, The Rule The Beach. Today we bring amazing news for Silicon Beach entrepreneurs apart from the $10,000 prize.

TechZulu caught up with Nate Redmond managing partner of Rustic Canyon and he tells us what is happening in the LA Tech Scene.

Ross Levinsohn the then interim CEO has today left Yahoo. Ross Levinsohn was appointed interim CEO after a resume flaw was found on the then CEO Scott Thompson.
Levinsohn has left Yahoo and has not revealed his next task yet. He leaves after the Yahoo board chose Marissa Mayer as new CEO by passing him again. Levinson’s exit was not unexpected, the board had earlier by passed him for Scott Thompson.

Yesterday Viddy, the social video sharing site announced the launch of their public API for developers to build around the platform and come up with new ways of sharing video. To top it off they also announced a “Rule the Beach: Hack Your Way into Viddy” developer competition in a blog post:

Microsoft in late June announced to have acquired social network for enterprises Yammer at $ 1.2 billion.But the deal has been fully completed today.
According to the Jared Spataro Senior Director, Office Division, Microsoft in a blog post the firm had met all the requirements regarding the acquisition.

Marissa Mayer has started work at Yahoo! as CEO and Member of the Board of Directors.
Her appointment is expected to spice things up at Yahoo, once a top internet and media firm. She is expected to champion for new products and advance its web technology.This might revive Yahoo’s leading properties like Yahoo! Mail ,Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Mobile

IdeaMensch held it’s third gathering in Los Angeles last week to kick off a 48-state road trip (#IM48) across America of inspiring talks to help innovators bring ideas to life. Founded by advertising digital executive Mario Schulzke, IdeaMensch profiles doers to help and inspire dreamers to seed their ideas and make them grow into reality. The talks center around 4 presentations by innovators that last 15 minutes and walk the audience through the trials and tribulations the presenters faced to bring their ideas into successful businesses.