CES TV and Camera Heaven | Up to 92″ of Viewing Glory

Jan 14, 2012 • Cameras, CES, Gadgets, TV
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After a rocking day one at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (#CES), we hoped it would only get better…and it did. Today’s mission was Central Hall, the home of everything television, home audio and headphone central. I’ve never seen so many televisions and headphones in my life. It was unbelievable. As expected with televisions now a days, it’s a race to see which company can get the largest, thinnest, and 3D pumping TV out to market.

Mitsubishi showed off their guns first by debuting their new 92 inch 3D TV. It was out of control big. All I could imagine is having an entire wall in my house dedicated solely for this TV. Not to be out done, Samsung, LG, and others debut some of their latest TVs with all sorts of new features.

Along side 3D, television companies showcased a great deal interactivity and “smart” features as to show us the future of television viewing and interaction.

After we finished drooling in the television area we walked right into this year’s video and photo cameras for the extreme of extremes. The guys at GoPro loaded up there team with camera everywhere. Look at that poor guy. GoPro stood out not only because of their cool slogan, “Be a Hero,” but also for the versatility of their cameras.

Just like Day 1 we discovered more celebrity headphones. We determined that you’re not doing it right as a celebrity unless you have a headphone line. So entrepreneurs out there…go out and start yourself a headphone line. Todays was a personal favorite Mr. Ludacris (SOUL) and Bob Marley (MARLEY) with The House of Marly.

Outside of the celebrity line up of headphones, there were some great lines from the multiple award winning company, Able Planet. Able Planet received a load of awards from this years event including the Design & Engineering Showcase Award in the categories of In-Vehicle Accessories and Health & Wellness, Popular Science’s CES 2012 Product of the Future, and several others. These guys make some of the best headphones out there in my opinion.

JBL’s latest line up for 2012 was solid. Particularly their noise canceling models. Even Kicker Audio rocked a new dock that was louder and crisper than imagined. Best part is it retails for right around $199 and fits the typical models including the new iPhone 4S. A much cheaper solution to JBL’s modal retail in the $400 range.

The day came to a close with ESPN, a little putt-putt and their live telecast of SportsNation. ESPN took the cake this CES for their first 3D telecast. Today they were setting up the stage for SportsNation and following up with a live boxing match. Aside from the telecast you were able to check out other programing they offer on new 3D TVs and their new mobile app WatchESPN – giving viewers the chance to watch ESPN anywhere. Just before we called it a day, I had to get a round of putt-putt in. I learned my putting game is much better than my swing.

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