Facebook + TV = Your Show

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Ever wondered how your Facebook feeds would look like if it were a TV show?  Well, wonder no more!  Social Studios TV introduces you to a new (beta) Facebook app called, Your Show and bridges the gap between TV and social media.

Social Studios TV thought there was something missing in the social media world.  No real satisfaction is obtained by looking through countless of random feeds and nothing engaged you in a way to be entertained while searching.  Your Show is trying to change all that.  The Facebook app is bringing a TV show based on people’s personal Facebook feeds, to give the user a unique experience and look into their own social media world.

Your Show has an algorithm to obtain data by collecting the Facebook newsfeed and compiling all that data to be presented by the beautiful Noa Tishby.  Noa Tishby, an actress and a producer, is the hostess and advisor of Your Show and each daily show has her present your daily newsfeed a la Entertainment Tonight style.  The various feeds of the day such as top statuses, top videos, birthday list, and posts by companies and groups the user liked can all be shown on Your Show.  This helps you stay in touch with the most popular feeds you may have missed and prevents the countless time spent on scrolling through your news feed.  Social Studios TV wants the user to have a “lean back and relax” attitude while watching their personal newsfeed online.

This is an app designed for the social media fans looking for a new way to stay connected. Each show was filmed with different clips of Noa Tishby hosting a show, to personalize the show, each day you use it.  No two episodes are supposed to be alike and that way each show appears to be made new every day.  The personal newsfeeds are always new and ever-changing, which gives the social media fans to use Your Show and watch their feeds every day.

Your Show may be in the beta stages of its app life, but the potential rewards of this app are huge.  The ability to connect with social media groups can greatly expand once Your Show takes off.  More show formats and ideas are in the works at Social Studios TV and an iPad app is also in the works.  The more people realize what this app can deliver, it may change the way we use Facebook or social media as a whole.

As of now, Your Show is out to the public in beta format, and if you use Google Chrome, come see what your newsfeed has to offer here!

Alex Bae

A University of California, Santa Barbara graduate. Has a love relationship with photography, technology, and writing. Always looking forward to new creative innovations and writing.

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