Four Advertising Platforms You Really Should Try

May 04, 2016 • Apps & Software, Startups
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Adverts eh, where to find them? As we know, while building a website is fun, finding the revenue streams to keep much needed cash rolling in is less so. Knowing who and what to use can be difficult, especially with the range of options that are available.

Native Ads

Native Ads offers a great way to get native advertising – i.e. adverts that fit seamlessly with your website content. The team at Native Ads hope that they can help all websites remove ‘disruptive display ads’ with its innovative platform.

Most adverts are a necessary pain that websites are forced to endure, so that they can pay their content creators. Getting rid of adverts is seldom a feasible possibility for most publishers. Whatever type of content you run – and be it a music, video or print platform – Native Ads uses well-made and resourced content to advertise products in a way that makes advertising a positive addition, rather than a negative affect.


StreamSpread helps publishers create portals on their web pages that can then be used to publish tailored digital advertisements. The platform bridges the gap between live streaming channels and website owners to provide a useful and effective advertising experience for online audiences.

StreamSpread provides a great means for advertising that will actively engage audiences. Ad makers can easily choose which sites they advertise on, while publishers are equipped with the means to easily check how much money they are making. This method of digital advertising means that audiences, advertisers and publishers can all enjoy the best of online adverts.


Another leading native advertising provider is Nativo, a company that has received a lot of media attention since it first launched. The business works to ensure that adverts fit seamlessly into the content stream of a website, limiting the disruptive nature of advertising for consumers in the process. Indeed, the team claim that Nativo’s programmatic platform boosts native ad performance by up to 300%.

Nativo has been well received by the tech industry and investors. In June 2015, the platform managed to raise some $20 million in Venture Capital (VC) funding. Nativo works with 350 web-publishers, including the likes of Time Inc. and The Enthusiast Network (TEN) to make native advertising scaleable and affordable.

Sta Media

Pronounced ‘stay’, Sta Media is an ingenious online advertising platform that allows users to stay exactly where they are when viewing online advertising. Sta Media actually boasts a U.S. patent, making its offering totally unique to both advertisers and audiences alike.

Sta Media gives users uninterrupted browsing experiences by giving them the option to view an advert, rather than forcing them to. This gives businesses access to interested potential consumers, who are of far more value than mass audiences that immediately click off of pop up adverts.

Oliver Griffin

Oliver Griffin is a Staff Writer at Publicize, which is a startup aiming to change the way companies approach PR. Publicize has worked with a dozen+ Y Combinator startups and leading brands such as Hallmark Cards.

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