The Future of Home Automation

Sep 20, 2016 • Culture, Gadgets
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While a lot of industries in the tech field seem to be slowing down (see smartphones and tablets for a good example), there is one industry that seems to just be getting started. Home automation. It may seem strange that while we have had iPhones in our pockets for almost 10 years now, we are just now getting around to building in similar technologies in our homes.

There are reasons for this. One is that it is just in the last few years that the U.S. has started to emerge from the housing recession. No new homes means innovators don’t see a lot of reward for home improvements. The other reason is that it takes awhile to trend anything in the housing market because so many people live in older homes.

Whatever the reason, home automation is exploding and home automation companies are springing up in virtually every corner of the globe. It is an exciting time for people that grew up watching movies where home automation was a central part of the future. You may hire electrical contractors to prepare the electrical system in your home by adding electrical wires or outlets if you are also planning to install home automation systems. An electrician or experts like these Electrical repair services in Wayne, NJ can also help repair any damaged wires or cables in your home that are connected to your smart devices. Whether it be general electrical maintenance, new power points or electrical installations – or even immediate electrical repair services, experts like electricians Oakleigh South can handle all residential and commercial electrical issues.

Here are a few areas where home automation will explode in the next few years.


Home automation has already made leaps and bounds in the area of Energy. There are dozens of meters and sensors that keep track of when people come in the home, when they leave, which appliances are using the most electricity, and a variety of other energy-related bits of data. This data is used to figure out areas to cut costs when it comes to energy consumption. This market will likely continue to explode as energy prices continue to go up. One of the biggest wasters of energy is keeping a home warm (or cool) when you are away from home. Some people are only home a few hours a day, yet without some of the new monitors their home is kept at a comfortable temperature all day just so their appliances don’t get warm!


This one is becoming increasingly favorable as well. The world is not getting safer, in fact most people would agree that it is getting much more dangerous. Imagine being able to know exactly what is going on in your house, your yard, your car, and in everything else you own. You never worry because you know if there is a problem that your house will alert you.


Society still lacks on this one. Most people are carrying around 2-3 pieces of tech every single day with them. Their home also has some built in tech, their car likely has the same. Unfortunately far too often all of these electronics don’t work well with each other and we end up frustrating and having to spend a lot more time then we should with tasks that smart devices were supposed to be helping with.

Home automation will change all of this by making your home the information hub of all of your new technology. Your phone will automatically start saving photos and data from the day when you get home. This is great because your house can have enough built in memory to last for a lifetime, while your phone is likely constantly running out.

Your home will be able to tell you where your cars are, if you have appliances that need some maintenance work, or even remind you to do simple tasks like feeding the dog. It will also be able to order groceries, cook, and pretty much do all the chores that you hate dong.

One of the ways I have been able to keep up with home trends, including automation, is via my local MLS. Checking the MLS once a month is all someone needs to see what is trending and changing in home automation.

What an incredible time to be alive! Stay up-to-date with home automation trends and simplify your life!


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