Kaleio Integrates National and International Job Listings via Indeed.com | Founder Interview Jim Riley

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KaleioIndustry-specific networking site Kaleio, has partnered with Indeed.com to include both national and international job listings within the Kaleio Marketplace in a move that is expected to make it a one-stop professional networking and business tool for students and the non-executive workforce.

According to Kaleio founder & CEO, Jim Riley, “This partnership marks a significant step in us becoming an invaluable resource for college students and working-class professionals to not only find and apply for job openings or internships, but to also leverage the power of their network and others within their targeted industry.”

“Using Kaleio, members can find, connect and message others free of charge. And now, we’ve made it easier than ever before for people to gain insights into a company and possibly a personal recommendation for jobs they are applying for,” Riley added.

The partnership is expected to offer working-class professionals access to job listings directly posted within Kaleio’s Marketplace and additional job and internship listings from leading companies, including Amazon, Google, Starbucks, The New York Times, Yahoo!, Mashable, and several others.

Kaleio users will also get filtered results from over 45 specific industries, including technology, construction, education, healthcare, blogging, and many more.

Apart from job listings Kaleio has also partnered with Great Resumes Fast to give away three Resume Analysis Services and one Expert Resume Editing Service to four Kaleio members looking to find a new job or internship.

TechZulu caught up with Kaleio founder & CEO, Jim Riley who promised that Kaleio is giving students or non-executives tools needed to succeed as until now, there hadn’t been a platform for them to directly and professionally network with others within their desired industry. Below is our interview in detail.

What will Kaleio as a social network gain from the partnership?

Since Kaleio is for the global workforce, partnering with Indeed, the #1 jobs site in the world, allows us the ability to automatically serve job listings.

What will Kaleio members gain?

Kaleio members are already seeing the benefit of this partnership within the Kaleio Marketplace. By default, users see all Marketplace listings, from services, products, and special offers to Company Profiles and now, jobs that are powered by the Indeed partnership. Before the partnership, our Marketplace was showing only a limited number of jobs that were posted by Kaleio members. Now, we are able to fill Marketplace with job openings from top employers all over the world.

Members can then use our filters to narrow the results they see to their preferred criteria. They can select from over 45 specific industries, or use the “All” to see every opening across countless industries. They can then refine their search further by distance (in miles or kilometers), and by location, such as New York, NY or London W1B 3HH.

And one of the things we felt was is important to offer right away was the ability to share specific job opening to those you are connected with in Kaleio. Most people want to help others, so taking the time to make sharing jobs possible made sense, especially on a social networking platform. It gives users one more reason to interact with connections and it gives users who are aware of others looking for a job the ability to send a potential lead to their connection.

Beyond these immediate benefits, we have a lot of other integration plans on our roadmap that will give users better insight into a potential employer by harnessing their social graph and connections.

Is it a win-win partnership? Does indeed.com benefit in any way?

Both Kaleio and Indeed benefit from the partnership. While we are able to provide our user base with the most recent job listings from top companies around the world, Indeed is able to harness our our professional social networking platform to drive traffic back to their listings on Indeed.com.

Why partner Indeed.com specifically when there are several job platforms out there?

Two of the biggest reasons that partnering with Indeed made sense for Kaleio was that we wanted to help professionals around the world, and we wanted to be able to present the job, career, and internship opportunities within the Kaleio platform, which we were able to accomplish with Indeed. Our development team put the extra work into customizing the functionality in a way that allowed users to see more that just listings within the United States, which is common elsewhere. It was important to us to have a global reach and vision.

How will the partnership work? Will there be any integration between the two platforms?

In order to serve Kaleio members best, we’ve integrated in such a way that members see the most recent job listings within the Kaleio Marketplace. And because we allow job listings to be created from within Kaleio, we highlight the Indeed job listings by using the Indeed for those that are powered by Indeed. By default, users see all job listings from across all industries that are within 20 miles or kilometers from their set location.

Any earlier partnerships Kaleio has had to give more tools to its users?

Up to this point, partnering with Indeed has been our first partnership. We’ve intentionally built Kaleio from scratch, and with as minimal outside influence as possible, so that it could be exactly how we wanted it, not cluttered, and very easy to use both functionally and aesthetically.

How many users does Kaleio have at the moment?

As a private company, we’re not revealing our membership numbers, but will say that we are seeing lots of positive growth within major industries, as we anticipated. Some of our fastest growing industries include:

  • Technology
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Education
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Entertainment, Media, Arts & Professional Athletes
  • Retail
  • Professional Services
  • Food & Beverage
  • Construction
  • Business Consultants
  • Finance

Any new features in the last two or three months?

Besides the Indeed partnership, we haven’t released any other major features recently. We do, however, have a few exciting things coming that we anticipate to rollout late summer, early fall.

We have our app already under development and we can’t wait to bring it to market. There are some really exciting things we are doing with it that we believe will solidify our presence in the professional networking space. It will be release in both for iOS and Android, with a little gap in release dates.

For the Kaleio Boardroom, it’s already a great place to share documents and have ongoing, private discussions with a co-worker or a group. Soon, we’ll be adding a complete whiteboard area that will include markup tools, live video feeds with recording and playback functionality. Essentially, the Kaleio Boardroom will be a free Go-to-Meeting section all available within Kaleio.

And something we are gaining traction on is providing our platform as a B2B and Enterprise white-label solution. We’ve been approached and are offering businesses, corporations, universities and other organizations the opportunity to have a completely customizable platform to engage their customer base, or to use our platform as an internal service to communicate within their company.

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