New App Promises to Unlock Hidden Public Beaches in Malibu

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Malibu beaches are famous for stunning views, dolphins playing, great surf and quiet sunbathing spots nestled among some of the most expensive homes in America. What the owners of these million dollar beachfront homes do not want you to know is that the beaches are public. Public as in “this land is your land, this land is my land.” The new Malibu Beaches app being developed via crowdfunding on Kickstarter aims to bring you intel on how to claim your rightful place on the beach of the rich and famous.

Now you might be thinking, what is the big deal? The deal is in an effort to keep out the riff raff ­— you and I ­— the Malibu community has deployed many subversive tactics to scare away the public. Most of which according to the California law are outright illegal from putting up fences to hiding public accessways to fake trespassing signs to building out their property to the edge of the sea leaving no beach to use and so on. It’s a nasty fight that has been tied up in the courts for years — another tactic of the wealthy.

Misleading Signs
Groups like The Los Angeles Urban Rangers have been offering Malibu beach safari tours for free to the public every summer in an effort to keep the Malibu beach open access more open. Jenny Price, a scholar and cofounder of the Los Angeles Urban Rangers has created the Kickstarter campaign for the free The Malibu Beaches app that promises to unlock all of the hidden beach access points with a goal of a mere $30k — a small price to pay to keep this land free for you and me. You can help her do it!

Los Angeles Urban Rangers, an interdisciplinary collective that is part performance art and part public education, which deploys the iconic American park ranger persona–friendly, knowledgeable, civic-minded, and endearingly gee-whiz–to interpret the whats, whys, and could-bes of our home megalopolis and to equip others to do likewise in the places where they live.



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