We have partnered up with Dealmaker Media and are able to bring you some lovely gifts.  Like 10 VIP tickets to Startonomics!  As you may already know the price has jumped today to $250 but the first 10 People who gives us a shoutout saying (@TechZulu rocks! http://www.techzulu.com) we will give you access to…continue reading.

The Live Search team has published a significant update to their Live Search Mobile client application which leverages Microsoft Virtual Earth quite heavily.  You can usually just get it by auto update on your phone but if you are running Windows Mobile (WinMo) , go to m.live.com and you can get it there. There is…continue reading.

One of the major players in the mobile phone market I finally got my hands on at CES was the N97, Nokia’s big entry in the finger-friendly phone game. The interface is very clean and useable, and very intuitive. I think people could have most of this phone’s tips and tricks figured out in minutes.…continue reading.

Microsoft may be set to launch three brand new mobile offers at the  World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona next month. Building on Ray Ozzie’s Idea of Software Plus Service platform  These offerings will incorporate a software on the phone and cloud based storage and sync to pull it all together. According to Neowin the offerings…continue reading.

Guest Post by Christian Gammill of Traction Matters As some of you may know, I love emerging markets mobile.  Its one of the most exciting technology opportunities out there.  I’m been fortunate to do some work in the Middle East and Africa with Mobile-XL.  While working with them, I met one of the founders of…continue reading.

  Any student of history is sitting up and paying attention to today’s inauguration ceremony of U.S. President Barack Obama.  From Hofstadter to Zinn, we know presidents change both us and themselves once they get into office. Here is to the new president!   Below are thumbnails of whitehouse.gov before 12pm EST and just after inauguration. Besides…continue reading.

Live Search now gives you the ability to get these alerts via email either once a day, twice a day or weekly and you can subscribe by section or by search phrase. Here’s the process for setting up a Live Search alert: Go to news.live.com. Sign in with your Live ID (or get one if…continue reading.

One of the biggest turn outs for SMCLA yet.  The venue was packed with people of all levels of the film industry.  Missed out?  Well we bring you the panel and discussion in its entirety.  A few of the topics discussed are as follows:   Digital distribution Social discovery Marketing/PR in this new landscape DRM…continue reading.

According to Google web search help page, Google will let users  rank certain sites higher so that your search results match your unique tastes and needs. What does that mean? Well lets say you search for bombings in Gaza and cnn is your favorite news site well you can set cnn as “preferred site” and…continue reading.

We’re just one day away from the new president elect’s inauguration and one of the main topics of conversation or prominent question on people’s minds besides which breed of dog the Obama’s will decide on, is whether or not the new president elect will have to relinquish his Blackberry?     There was quite a…continue reading.