Microsoft came out swinging as reports on Major League Baseball’s use of Adobe’s Flash technology re-emerged to coincide with this season’s Opening Day. Microsoft came out swinging as reports on Major League Baseball’s use of Adobe’s Flash technology re-emerged to coincide with this season’s Opening Day. At issue is that contracted to use Microsoft’s…continue reading.

Microsoft announced a new larger format 92 megapixel camera for aerial photography. You may not have even known that Microsoft makes cameras, but this is how they get the really good quality from the Bird’s Eye view on Live Maps. Stemming from an acquisition of Vexcel several years ago, the UltraCamLp is the latest in…continue reading. announces the addition of the Blastwave FX sound effects library, adding over 32,000 professional quality, royalty free sound effects to its online archive. Headed by Ric Viers, author of the “Sound Effects Bible,” the Blastwave FX collection is well known for being a comprehensive, progressive, original collection. “Blastwave FX pushes the envelope in sonic…continue reading.

Tonight at 6:00pm PST we will be ‘Live’ streaming from the Clearstone Venture Partner office. The focus will be around the evolution of a business and if need be the change of a business model to go with the changing times. Click here to join us. In this Strategy Series, we’ll discuss: * Timing is…continue reading.

  For the March event there was quite the heated debate happening at SMCLA with the panelist and the audience.  All in the good name of Social Media of course.  In this panel will hear from people who have successfully used social media to help build their brands. Learn about best practices, how to build…continue reading.

The PhizzPop Design Challenge is a web design and development competition. This year PhizzPop is expanding from in-person agency challenges to include an online competition for web professionals. The PhizzPop Tour stops in seven cities across the U.S. This is the design event of the year — a prestigious design competition combined with a social…continue reading.

The toolbar works by capturing the target page in an iframe and shortening the URL, you can see it in action here. The Diggbar is going to be fantastic for Digg but no so much for content producers. Basically Digg has turned into a Tweetmeme style service with millions of users already. The main issue…continue reading.

  Microsoft’s Steven Elop hinted that a Microsoft Office iPhone app may be in the works. Like any speculation, his words remained ambiguous and vague. Elop was speaking at the Web 2.0 Expo where he mentioned the relevance of an iPhone version of Office and other web applications in the future. “Not yet-keep watching,” he…continue reading.

Today at CTIA RIM announced the Blackberry App World – a store similar to the Apple App Store. Once download and installed you can purchase applications on your device using a PayPal account. The apps range in price from $0 to $9.99. You can get more information on App World from HERE

Microsoft has developed a groups of solutions that are intended to help customers with technology priorities outlined by the Obama administration, including a more transparent and connected government, or what many are calling “Gov 2.0.” The concept of Gov 2.0 is about opening up two-way communication within and between government agencies and between government agencies…continue reading.