After much hype Steve Ballmer made it official last night at the CES keynote. The windows 7 Public Beta will made available on Friday, January 9th. If you’ve been leery of downloading the version that’s been all over the torrent trackers since last week, get your download manager ready and keep your browser tuned to…continue reading.

Mickey Williams of Neudesic talks about cloud computing and what it takes to get off the ground as small start up with Techzulu’s Geoffrey Emery. Azure Microsoft’s cloud computing platform is on the horizon for bringing a huge leap forward for startups in instant scalability at a fraction of the cost that you incur if…continue reading.

   In one of out last interviews at the PDC Underground Techzulu’s Geoffrey Emery get in touch with two of the members of the windows mobile team Loke Uei and Lillian Eng. In this interview we talk how developers can Build Cool Stuff for windows mobile using the Windows Mobile Developer kit. Its amazing that…continue reading.

TechZulu will be streaming ‘Live’ tonight at the Social Media Club Los Angeles. Tonights focus will be on the effect of social media on the film industry.  Make sure to tune at 7pm PST and join in on the conversation. We will cover: Digital distribution Social discovery Marketing/PR in this new landscape DRM Democratized content…continue reading.

We are bringing all the awesome CES coverage to you ‘Live’ from Las Vegas! The calvary has been called in and we are sending three teams out.  TechZulu is Teaming up with GadgetReview so that we do not skip a beat while we are up there.  Each team will be covering a different part of…continue reading.

After the release of Guitar Hero World Tour TechZulu caches up with some of the creators of the game.  Alan Flores the lead designer and Travis Chen the designer of the Music Studio for the game.  The Music Studio portion of the game is a huge add on not only to the Guitar Hero series…continue reading.

First, I hope your new year is going well. By now, that throbbing headache from your NYE hangover should be gone. Now that its 2009 and I have been at TechZulu for awhile, I thought I would spend a few minutes and re-introduce my-techno-self.

Guest Post by Enrique Gutierrez of Digithrive, Inc I’m excited for what 2009 brings to my spirits, but with a firm grasp on reality, I feel it’s important to also understand what’s really in store for 2009. I’ll break it down as I see it quarter-by-quarter and hope for the best along the way. Without…continue reading.

2008 will go down as a year of great activity, not only for the election and the economy but for the evolution of community and culture online. In short, a lot happened this year. Here at TechZulu, we too are reflective about the year that is about to pass but also really excited about the…continue reading.

Southern California is home to the world’s highest concentration of air and space technology, from the Spruce Goose to the International Space Station (ISS). The area’s scientists and engineers are adjacent to the endless Hollywood gossip scene. Guys like Howard Hughes would even cross between these worlds. Now, in this same backyard, a baby company…continue reading.