According to Google web search help page, Google will let users  rank certain sites higher so that your search results match your unique tastes and needs. What does that mean? Well lets say you search for bombings in Gaza and cnn is your favorite news site well you can set cnn as “preferred site” and…continue reading.

We’re just one day away from the new president elect’s inauguration and one of the main topics of conversation or prominent question on people’s minds besides which breed of dog the Obama’s will decide on, is whether or not the new president elect will have to relinquish his Blackberry?     There was quite a…continue reading.

TechZulu has tons of CES goodness to dish out and its all coming next week.  With three crews on the floor we were able to hit every hall and get some of the most amazing products CES has to offer.  Here is a little teaser of what to expect.

Mistakes People Make Before Starting a New Business – Free Legal Forms Jason Nazar CEO of Docstoc put on a great talk on mistakes people make before starting a new business. The house was packed and I’m’ not too sure if people on the waiting list were able to get in (free event and being…continue reading.

Twiistup 5 is literally less than one month away!  Yes we all know that it is in a Hanger in Santa Monica, CA but what is this Twiistup’s theme?  Is it crazy circus?  Maybe a Luau? Or perhaps even a winter wonderland (Even though here in Southern California it already seems like summer these past…continue reading.

Tonight we will be streaming live from Mindshare at 9:30 p.m. PST.  For those who not might know what Mindshare is, they are a cross pollination that arises from gathering individuals who might not otherwise interact. It is an energetic mix of open-minded people from architects to programmers to writers to painters to engineers and…continue reading.

With the holidays quickly behind us and even in this so called ‘bad economy’ many people undoubtedly headed out to the stores this season to get their hands on the next cool high tech gadget. With the latest advancements in mobile phone technology ushering in new and cool portable gadgets, these new cell phones were…continue reading.

Complete laptop power in your pocket!  OQO just released their new Model 2+ at CES 2009 and we were able to speak with one of the Engineers of the product Joshua Pollack. This was his own personal OQO that he himself had soldered on.  Funny thing was that we found him at the Intel CES…continue reading.

Granted that this years CES was not jammed packed, and the ability to grab a cab was but a snap away, all excitement was not lost.  Going green, iPhone Killers, high quality audio, and huge micro SD cards were a few that really stood out.  2009 is definitely going to be one of the biggest…continue reading.

As Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer promised at CES 2009 during his preshow keynote, the Windows 7 beta is now available to the public for download. It is only available to the first 2.5 million people who download it, so make sure to get your hands on it as soon as you can! The beta is…continue reading.