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Stacksocial_600Founded over a year ago, Stacksocial’s CEO Josh Payne, found the task of sifting through page after page in the hunt for software daunting and decided something had to be done. From a complex problem, a simple solution was found; work directly with developers and publishers to help them reach the demographic that’s most likely to utilize their software.

By taking a page out of STEAM’s playbook, Stacksocial seeks to provide instant gratification to its customers by offering software bundles at a price that’s easy to get behind. Not much unlike STEAM, the bundles assist people with discovering new software they’d likely not have found otherwise. By taking a well-known piece of software and bundling it with less known, yet useful programs within the same category, their customers receive an amazing deal. Not only do they get their intended program at a reduced price, they also get a chance to try out some new stuff for almost no additional cost.

Considering that they’ve been around for just over a year, Stacksocial’s library is quite diverse. Their Bundle categories consist of Music apps, Mac Productivity, Web Design and more. In addition to all of that, Stacksocial helps people discover their inner geek by offerings educational courses too. The courses include, app building, web development, Online Entrepreneurship and much more.

Stacksocial’s customers also receive the added bonus of not needing to worry about licensing issues as most of their software is permitted to be installed on two separate machines. That’s correct, one great low price for both home and work machines. Not only does Stacksocial give you useful new software, but you also get a two for one deal on top.

By partnering with subject specific websites, Stacksocial weaves product recommendations into a site’s content in a way that is easily accessible and non-obtrusive. A huge benefit for developers trying to gain a place in the market. Instead of annoying ads that people ignore, Stacksocial’s recommendations are pleasant to view and stay out of the way of your content.

Stacksocial is bringing the future of marketing and advertising to the present by making purchasing easy and beneficial to both producer and consumers of digital products. By integrating into people’s digital experience instead of hindering it, customers are less likely to associate online marketing with intrusion. We hope to see more companies follow this model in the near future.

Jordan Goodson

Jordan can frequently be found either studying for his next certification or tinkering with his latest tech acquisition. Whether it's Wi-Fi, VR, Networking or 3D Printing, Jordan's eyes are on the latest and greatest.

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