Stained Glass Labs Patners With Exitround, Unveils App Directory for Google Glass

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Stain Glass Labs AppStained Glass Labs (SGL), the first Glass and wearable technologies accelerator has launched the world’s first comprehensive app directory and a self-service app publishing portal for Google Glass pre-launched applications.

According to SGL, developers can now submit their apps for review and have their press releases and updates distributed on the Stained Glass Labs website, which gives them the quick feedback from other developers and the ability to submit press releases, which are sent to members of the media interested in Google Glass and wearable technologies.

Redg Snodgrass, co-founder of Stained Glass Labs said,“There is little doubt we are at the forefront of an incredible new wave of wearable technologies, with Google Glass leading the way,”  and adeded,  “SGL was created to foster this new generation of technologies growth, help create a path to market during the development stage for early stage companies and mentor the community as these platforms begin to open up. Today’s announcement will go a long way to help us foster innovation and help entrepreneurs create wearable technologies that will define a new era in tech.”

Comprehensive App Directory

SGL says the Comprehensive App Directory launched is a simple 2 step process. Glass developers simply upload their applications and marketing collateral, the SGL team reviews it, and then places it on the directory.

Apart from the app directory, SGL has also created a Press Release publishing tool for developers to upload their docs during the submission process easily, making it even better for SGL to send it to its network of industry connection. Entrepreneurs will also be able to communicate with the Bloggerati and showcase their products to the world.

Over 100 Applications

According to Snodgrass, SGL wants to deliver products and services that can quickly help entrepreneurs get the attention, and funding they need and have been overwhelmed with mentor, Angels, and VC requests since launch  and to date. They have also received over 100 applications for admission since their launch last month with new submissions coming in daily.

To make it better for entrepreneurs to get the maximum attention and funding they need Stained Glass Labs has also partnered with Exitround, the world’s first marketplace for startups to discreetly get funding partners and acquisition opportunities. Stained Glass Labs’s incubator companies will be able to gain advanced access to the Exitround community of business and corporate development professionals and also get  one-to-one coaching on strategically navigating corporate conversations.

Partnership to give firms bigger business opportunities

Confirming the partnership, Jacob Mullins, founder of Exitround said it provide SGL companies access to its active marketplace to find great business and corporate development opportunities.

He said, “As a startup goes through its various stages of development, smart entrepreneurs understand the opportunities that can be gained by working with large, growing companies with meaningful distribution.  These companies are active on Exitround and are looking to connect with startups who are disrupting markets and changing the world.”

SGL companies will get a variety of strategic business options and business opportunities with some of the world’s greatest tech companies.

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