The Best Radar Detector: A Gift For The Lead Foot

Dec 03, 2015 • Automotive, Gadgets
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Top Radar Detector

The #1 radar detector is the Valentine 1. A great gift of the speeder in your life.

Looking for the gift for the speed racer in your life?  We all have one.  You know, the person with the lead foot.  While I wouldn’t generally endorse speeding, I definitely can’t get behind anyone accruing those pesky little tickets that can only be absolved by the payment of cash.  And yes, I’m talking about speeding tickets.  And even if you’re not speeding, the police are out there to get you, as your state’s revenue depends on it.

That’s why at Gadget Review we’ve compiled a list of the best radar detectors 2016.  But before I get into our number 1 pick, it’s important to note how we came to our choices.

How to Evaluate the Best Radar Detector

First and foremost, the top radar detector should provide 360 degree protection.  Which is to say it should nab cops coming from both the front, back, left or right.

Second, the best radar detector should be easy to read, use and setup.  After all, you’re driving and the last thing anyone needs is another distraction.

Another feature we looked for from a top notch radar detector is one that can suss out the false alarms. If you’ve used one you know what we’re talking about; you’re driving through a neighborhood and alerts are firing left and right.  False positives here and there are ok. But too many of them and the radar detector is suddenly crying wolf.  Which in turn means you won’t pay it a moment’s attention.  And you know what that could mean; a speeding ticket.

So alas, what is the best radar detector in 2015 and 2016 money can buy?

The Valentine One.

This radar detector is tried and tested far and wide.  And while it’s not the newest or coolest looking, reviewers and those alike can’t help but praise its effectiveness.  The handy arrow system quickly identifies the target’s direction and thanks to years of learning it is able to negate false positives that only a select few radar detectors can match. And in case you were wondering, yes, it works with iPhones and Androids (you’ll need to buy a $49 part), meaning you can finally have an additional screen to show you more about your alerts and other pertinent info.

To see our complete list of top radar detector reviews for 2015 and 2016 head to Gadget Review.

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