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Oct 06, 2014 • Gadgets, Startups
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tracking deviceI’m normally an organized person, but sometimes I tend to be a bit forgetful. Some days I know where I put my glasses or the TV remote and other days I cannot find a thing. Forgetfulness is a trait every human has. The founders of Tintag tend to forget their belongings as well and created a device that would end all our searching woes.

“It started with me. I would lose my bike a lot. One day, I didn’t find it at the place I left it. I had to go to the police multiple times to identify my bicycle. None of them were mine. I was frustrated at the time because we were surrounded by technology, but I couldn’t find any affordable solution to track your items. It should have been simple to see your bicycle on the map,” says Vig Andrei, Co-Founder of Tintag.

Thus the Tintag was born; a small Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled tracking device for those who constantly lose their belongings.

bluetoothA Tintag is tracked through a smartphone or multiple smartphones. The tracking device uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to locate each device through the Tintag app. The app lets users become notified when a device goes out of range and keeps a history of locations to trace back a lost item. Tintag also has a neat function that helps reverse search a lost phone by pressing the Tintag button.

Included with the device is the home base charger. The charger recharges Tintag devices and also doubles as a Wi-Fi hot spot for keeping track of Tintags. A push notification is sent when a Tintag is within distance of a home base charger. Users can set up each tracking device to notify when it reaches a certain hot spot. For example, if you attach a device to your child’s backpack, once they leave or arrive home, a push notification is sent to your phone about their departure or arrival. A great idea to place in schools and other public destinations for parents and others to be notified where their loved one are.

Tintag is also waterproof and installed with a rechargeable battery. Waterproofing Tintag extends the survivability of the device. If you use Tintag to track your pets, the animal’s outdoor adventure will not stop the device. The rechargeable battery makes sure users won’t lose their items from a dead battery. The best bit? Tintag’s simple setup. No need for profiles, passwords or any other login needs. Just attach the tracking device and connect it with a smartphone.

tintag appTintag devices allow users to smartly track easily forgotten and valuable items. It is simple in both design and use. A device created to make our everyday lives a little bit easier to deal with.

Tintag is currently available through their Indiegogo campaign.

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