Social Media Trend Spotting Turns $20,000 into over $2 million

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Recently when at Blog World I got an advance copy of “Laughing at Wall Street” by Chris Camillo. He teaches how to take the risk out of being risky. Where was he when I was 18 and just starting out!?

A little bit about the author Chris Camillo…When the stock market was at it’s worst and our economy was failing us from 2007-2010 his private self-managed portfolio outperformed the big fancy dogs of Wall Street. How was this possible?

Trend spotting.  Using Facebook to learn from his personal network.  Not some MBA stock market guru. In his book he lays out step by step how we can achieve the same as he did from 32 to 35 turning $20,000 into over $2 million.

The best part is he really seems like a solid guy.  When I met him I could just tell he wrote the book to share his knowledge in order to give us the same security he is able to give his wife and children.  Plus anyone who knows the book industry is well aware that it’s close to impossible to hit an epic pay day from writing a book unless you’re Harry Potter or Twilight. Most authors write from a place of passion and a desire to share. To entertain us and/or inform.

He completely shifted my perspective. So much so that after months of a deactivated Facebook to escape from the noise, it all the sudden has a new meaning and I turned it back on.  It’s an observation center that will in end help me to create a secure financial future. Cheers to discovering a real return on using social media.

Espree Devora

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  • legato

    Espree’s very warm smile. Reminds me of legendary wrestler WWE’s Lita. Good luck to all in TechZulu.

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