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When AT&T first loaned me this device for review, I’ll be honest. I thought it was a wifi/bluetooth camera that would sync with my phone. Then I turned it on and realized, OH! This thing IS a smartphone!

This weekend marks the 12th consecutive Southern California Linux Expo, SCaLE12x. Taking place at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport hotel, the three-day event featuers 85 speakers, over 100 exhibitors and a keynote by Lawrence Lessig.

Last week, they announced the acquisition of IBM’s x86 server business for approximately $2.3 billion. And now they’ve just shocked the world by announcing their plans to purchase Motorola Mobility from Google for about $2.91 billion.

AT&T held their 6th annual developers summit in Las Vegas this year at CES 2014. Several updates and announcements were made while also presenting the top 6 apps created during the weekend hack-a-thon.

Last Monday, Jan 6th, marked the culmination of AT&T’s Developer Summit at CES 2014 along with the release of open APIs for its U-Verse platform on Android. Now developers can build Android apps with AT&T Labs and AT&T Foundry to let customers better interact with their televisions from a smartphone, tablet or other such mobile devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is NOT a phone. It’s a mini-tablet that can also make and receive audio calls. Wow, what a huge thing in your hands! Whereas other phablets are just a bit too big to be a phone but too small to really be a tablet, the MEGA fits much more comfortably as a two-handed device.

In West Hollywood, Los Angeles last night, Werner Herzog’s new documentary, “From One Second to the Next” premiered at the Silver Screen Theater located within MOCA’s Pacific Design Center followed with Q&A from the legendary director himself.

Water has long been the Achilles’ Heel of technology. A few commonly recognized scenarios: Phone slips out of your hand and accidentally drops in the toilet, “friends” may decide to throw you in the pool at a party or just plain getting caught in a downpour. These are all scenarios that can happen to any of us.

With graduation already here and Father’s Day almost upon us again this year, thoughts of what to get for dads and grads is on our minds once again. For those who are athletically inclined, have an active lifestyle or even just a tech geek, the Yurbuds IronMan Inspire Talk Sport Earphones with Inline Microphone are a gift worth considering.

With so many different cell-phones in the marketplace, it may be hard to determine which mobile device best suits you. At the moment, many people are looking at both the HTC One as well as the Samsung S4. However, LG is a quiet contender worth noticing with their offering of the 5.5″ Optimus G Pro.