“Competition for the future is about what you are doing today,” Vijay Govindarajan preaches passionately from the stage at the front of the Metro Toronto Convention center on June 5th, 2012 at the Art of Leadership Conference. Govindarajan is referencing his new book Reverse Innovation: Create Far from Home, a book on strategy, or what Govindarajan refers to as “pushing back the fold of the future.”

In the beginning there were few variations of domain types you purchase as you had a selection of .com, .net, or .org. As the Internet gained popularity with businesses and the general public domains began to expand. you had your .biz and .us or .uk.

When we think of our neighbors to the North in Canada, we think of bountiful natural resources, open land, and flannel shirts; we don’t necessarily think of tech. The major cities are dominated by industries such as oil, resource exporting, and politics. With the latest in RIMs downward spiral, Canada should be expected to leave this industry to the Valley. So, when I arrived back in my home country after six years of sunny and buzzing California, I thought that finding a tech scene would be a needle in a haystack. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

Once upon a time we had inboxes with messages only from friends and family or work. An inbox that could be managed in a matter of minutes rather than hours or days. Then the Internet grew up. The chain letters started coming in strong. You HAD to sign up. You didn’t want to be that person responsible for breaking the chain. However after passing on a few, you inbox started to show signs of being cluttered.

Recently when at Blog World I got an advance copy of “Laughing at Wall Street” by Chris Camillo. He teaches how to take the risk out of being risky. Where was he when I was 18 and just starting out!? A little bit about the author Chris Camillo

Retail therapy has long been a rich country’s rite of passage. Although, the way we indulge our retail therapy is changing as quickly as our smartphones. This Black Friday we reached record retail sales at traditional brick-and-mortar stores, yet the merging Cyber Monday is proving to be a fighting younger brother. Up 33% this year, according to the Washington Post, online commerce is trending upwards from $175 billion in 2007 to a projection of $335 billion in 2012 (Forrester Research).

It’s always interesting to see how we’ve progressed over the years in industry. The most rapid of those industry’s being technology. Over the last 15 years we’ve seen a surge of industry and even overall life changes that have come from the tech space.

“Would you like a free drink ticket?” Said the smiling girl at the check-in table. South, a solid Santa Monica bar and grill was bustling earlier this Tuesday courtesy of the good people at Tech Cocktail and their winter technology mixer.

I am a raving fan of NOT just because they have the best deals on web based business tools. NOT because the founder of the company has an established credibility working for both Facebook and MINT when those companies were in infancy.

As you all know TechZulu is a huge supporter of Startup Weekend, and when we had the chance to be part of the very first Orange County (my home town) Startup Weekend we jumped on board. We are going to do what we do best and bring you all the awesome presentation action live tonight at 5PM PST.