Yes folks, I’m going there. But don’t worry; this is safe for work.

Last month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, TechZulu paused mid-aisle at the convention center with other onlookers mesmerized by LELO.

After a rocking day one at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (#CES), we hope it would only get better…and it did.

This week at CES we’ve become witness to multiple celebrity endorsed products. Some growing their brand and others putting forth to give back. The latest being The House of Marley.

Some exciting news from Las Vegas in the massive Sony Booth (for every time I’ve been at CES, Sony’s area takes up damn near the entire exhibit hall /HugeExxagerationButSeriouslyTheyDoItBig) with multiple product releases in every possible category of an electronic consumer’s life.

Things are beginning to get a little hectic in our digital lives. We yearn to stay connected with technology anywhere we go. Wether it’s in the car, at work, or even walking through the city. This week at CES we’ve seen large advancements in the in-vehicle audio sector.

We all enjoy the sight and turn our heads as a beautiful cherry red Ferrari drives pass. Now you can draw that same attention walking down the street with the latest Ferrari products by Logic3. As we’ve seen this week here at CES the headphone and audio industries are beginning to boom.

Co-working with your Co-Founders at a coffee shop or co-working space and you want to get everyone in the pumped startup producing mood, however you don’t want to disturb those around. Skunk Juice has the perfect solution for you. Unlike regular earbuds, you can connect with your friends via a Magnetic functionality.

One of the worst things for an entrepreneur to have happen to them is to lose communication due to battery life. There are countless times when I myself have been on the great power outlet hunt at an networking event, conference, you name it and can either not be found or already swooped up by someone else.