IndieGoGo has help crowdfund thousands of successful campaigns. One of the more popular campaigns as of now is the new iDoorCam. iDoorCam simply is a doorbell with a camera. As simple is it may sound, the little device is one incredible tech device. The device gives homeowners the ability to see whoever is at their door (day or night) and alert them directly to their mobile phone. The iDoorCam reached its goal within a matter of days, but the campaign is still up for early bird grabs.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega is NOT a phone. It’s a mini-tablet that can also make and receive audio calls. Wow, what a huge thing in your hands! Whereas other phablets are just a bit too big to be a phone but too small to really be a tablet, the MEGA fits much more comfortably as a two-handed device.

As technology continues to evolve and integrate deeper into our daily lives we see our devices becoming smaller, even virtually non-existant in some cases. Until recently these types of devices where only dreamt of through our childhood imaginations or in the latest Sci-Fi blockbuster. Now we’re able to see those imaginations come to life as Stained Glass Labs announces today the first ever wearable technology conference, GLAZED.

We’d like to think the successful testing was a result of diligence in our communication and persistence with our test users, but in reality we were just lucky to have the perfect test group. How was the group assembled? To loosely quote Vinny Gambini, did we “voir dire” potential test users to a point we were “more than satisfied”? We wish we could say yes, but the truth is, our test users simply came from our closest network of friends and co-workers

TechZulu caught up with Kaleio founder & CEO, Jim Riley who promised that Kaleio is giving students or non-executives tools needed to succeed as until now, there hadn’t been a platform for them to directly and professionally network with others within their desired industry.

Nowadays when you need a ride somewhere you instinctively reach for your phone and open an app to call upon your latest driver. However due to much controversy and competition, the same hasn’t played true while at large events (*cough* SXSW). Today that changes as two major brands Callaway and Uber, partner to offer on-demand rides at one of the largest events in sports.

Stained Glass Labs (SGL), the first Glass and wearable technologies accelerator has today launched the world’s first comprehensive app directory and a self-service app publishing portal for Google Glass pre-launched applications.

Credit and debit cards are so boring to look at. Banks and credit card companies sometimes offer some sports team designs or “cute’’ animal designs that may liven up the plastic card’s look, but the standard company logo is issued to the owner. is seeking to change the boring plastic colors and bring something much more fashionable to have in your wallet.

With so many different cell-phones in the marketplace, it may be hard to determine which mobile device best suits you. At the moment, many people are looking at both the HTC One as well as the Samsung S4. However, LG is a quiet contender worth noticing with their offering of the 5.5″ Optimus G Pro.

In today’s world we’re connected to friends in ways that in the past could have never been imagined. At the touch of a button you can be connected with friends around the world. Today, Ribbon launches their mobile application to take us beyond our now traditional social connections to allowing us a glimpse into the future.