A young visionary with old wisdom whose success is a direct reflection of his intense focus and ability to wholeheartedly overcome challenges from the genuine intention of doing good, Aaron Swartz will forever be remembered as a modern day vigilante leading the battle against the injustice of the government suppressing our rightful freedom of knowledge. This article is not just another report on the case of Aaron Swartz but serves to be a tribute to the life and awe inspiring personality of a complicated, principled, and brilliant man.

This December in Dubai, without your consent, your company’s business model could change radically with the tap of a gavel and the stroke of a keyboard. Got your attention?

A serious threat to our online way of life has emerged in the form of the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT).

CallFire today extended its position as a leading provider of text message and voice apps that help organizations grow, with the launch of a definitive next-generation platform capable of scaling to meet the exploding global demand for advanced cloud telephony features, services and capacity.

There’s no doubt fall is a great season for sports fans. With the MLB playoffs and football season around the corner, fantasy drafts, trash-talking and tailgate recipe research is in full swing online. Thanks to technological advances, sports and sports fans have gone mobile as sports enthusiasts, like other consumers, embrace connected devices in just about every aspect of their lives.

Telephone booths will be brought back to life again, thanks to a new city program installing Wi-Fi in telephone booths across the city.
The pay phones will be fitted with top range antennas to enable the service be accessible to users in a 300 feet radius. The service is being installed by Van Wagner Communications at $2,000.

According to Dow Jones, sources close to Facebook say the giant social network is reportedly working on a job board through a third party firm to be launched this summer.
While Facebook has not officially announced anything, if it releases a job board, there will be a shift in the online recruitment sector.

LA City Council Member Eric Garcetti will give the opening keynote for the inaugural Silicon Beach Fest, a celebration of digital innovators in startups and entertainment happening June 21 – 23.
Garcetti, who is currently running for Mayor of Los Angeles, is a fourth-generation Angeleno known for his support of digital and technology initiatives across the City.

Is a mobile health app a medical device? Should an app that shows you how many steps you’ve taken be regulated exactly the same way as a blood glucose monitor? According to the FDA the answer is yes, and if pending legislation passes in the U.S. House of Representatives it could sound a death knell for innovation in the healthcare sector.

A look around technology industry, perhaps the heart of the global revolution, shows a happily working international community all pushing for the common goal of innovation. The reality, however, of the coexistence between immigrants and their American peers is proving to be a one-sided pursuit, with qualified immigrants struggling to stay in the country to join the companies that they have co-founded.

It’s time for round two for Gov 2.0 LA. For those of you who may not be unfamiliar with Gov 2.0 LA, it is a hybrid conference that stimulates the brain and position people to have actual time to talk to each other. bridging digital diplomacy, social media, entrepreneurship, mobile and mapping and reaching into the crossover into citizen engagement tools.