LG Releases Smart Products Galore! [Phones, TV’s, Appliances]

Jan 05, 2011 • Uncategorized
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LG is really getting into the smart product game. From smart phones, to the smart connected entertainment devices, to even smart appliances.

Smart TV

A simple design is the gateway to the LG SmartTV experience. It has only four main sections – TV Live, Premium Content, TV Apps and a Launch Bar. Giving viewers easy access to a vast variety of content.

And what better way of selecting features then with a motion controlled Magic Remote (similar to a Wii remote). Just point and click and your on your way. A keyboard is not needed, but a QWERTY keyboard app is available for download on Android smartphones or iPhone. With this, it lets you know how to control tv with phone without wifi.

“LG SmartTV provides viewers with endless options on their television, however, if these entertainment features are difficult to access or select, consumers will not truly enjoy the technology,” said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, Home Electronics, LG Electronics USA. “We have designed our LG SmartTV platform to be as easy and simple to use as possible, so that viewers spend their time engaging with their television, rather than navigating it.”

LG’s SmartTV platform provides access to tons of entertainment options from providers including:

• VUDU– Allows consumers to buy or rent from an extensive catalog of more than 2,000 high-definition movies and TV titles without monthly fees or additional hardware. It also is the only online service to offer movies in 1080p.
• Netflix – Updated with Netflix 2.0, consumers can now stream thousands of movies without a PC.
• YouTube – Instantly streams millions of Web videos directly from the Internet.
• CinemaNow – Allows consumers to browse from the CinemaNow premium content catalog and instantly stream purchased or rented movies and popular TV shows.
• Hulu Plus – Subscribers have access to back seasons or full runs of some of TV’s greatest shows.
• Amazon Video on Demand – Allows consumers to view more than 75,000 hit movies and television shows instantly.
• Live Streaming Sports (multiple partners) – Pro sports fans can follow their favorite teams, stay up to date with player profiles, and stream games in HD quality.

And of course what company wouldn’t be complete without an App Store.  Additionally, it includes a Web browser so users no longer need to turn on their laptop to access the Internet. News, reviews, and a host of other content can be viewed on the television screen. (Web browser available on LG SmartTV models and LG Smart TV Upgrader only).

LG’s Smart Share function allows users to wirelessly stream content from their PCs and other compatible devices for viewing on their television screen. Smart Share also includes Media Link, which provides additional information, such as cover art or liner notes, for content being streamed.

For those not ready to make the switch, LG  is realeasing the Smart TV Upgrader box that will give you access to all the Smart TV goodness

Smart Phones

LG announced today it will unveil 2  new Android smartphone, LG Optimus Black, Optimus 2X (featured worlds 1st 1GHz (nVidia AP20H) Dual Core Processor). Providing users with a 4-inch NOVA display in a 9.2 mm mobile device.

NOVA display is designed to be the brightest, clearest and most readable among mobile screens with 700 nits of brightness for optimal visibility. According to LG  the NOVA technology enables users to maintain visibility whether indoors or outdoors under strong sunlight.

In addition to greater luminosity, the NOVA display also reduces power consumption by 50 percent during general indoor use compared to a conventional LCD. Similarly, AMOLED (which the Samsung Galaxy line sports) consumes twice as much power as NOVA to display a full white screen, the most frequently used color scheme for web browsing.

Optimus UI 2.0 lets users directly access messages, emails and missed calls from the locked screen with just one single finger tap. LG Optimus Line also introduces the world’s first Wi-Fi Direct™ for quick and high-quality data transfer between mobile devices and adopts the world’s first 2MP front-facing camera.

All LG Optimus features are available on the Android 2.2 Froyo platform with Android 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade capability. Utilizing the 2MP front-facing camera, LG Optimus allows users to utilize video telephony functions of higher quality after upgrading to Android’s Gingerbread.

The LG Optimus Black will be rolled out globally in the first half of 2011.

Smart Appliances

The LG home appliances are equipped with the company’s proprietary smart technology, LG THINQ.   At the heart of the line-up this year are LG’s innovative new smart features – Smart Grid, Smart Diagnosis, Smart Access, Smart Adapt and Food Management – which allow homeowners to manage refrigerators, washing machines, ovens and robotic vacuum cleaners via a smart network.


LG’s ovens tap into the Smart Grid to offer varying cost options that take into account the duration and electrical cost of the cooking. Similarly, LG’s refrigerators can adjust their functions to save on energy bills at peak times, or ramp up cooling power when energy rates are low.

LG Smart Diagnosis notices when anything goes wrong on a home appliance. From minor problems like leaving your refrigerator door left open, the appliance alerts the owner on its display panel or, in future models, via a Wi-Fi connection, on the consumer’s smart-phone or tablet PC.

LG Smart Access allows consumers to oversee their household chores regardless of their location. Through their smart-phones or tablet PCs, you are able to view how much longer food has to cook, or check the temperature and contents of the refrigerator. On the cleaning side you have the option of instructing your LG robotic vacuum cleaner to clean up or keep watch over the house while your out.

LG Smart Adapt lets you download the latest options for your appliances, including pre-programmed recipes or washing cycles. In addition, with its drag and drop icons and voice recognition function, LG Food Management makes it easy to keep track of where everything is in the refrigerator and when it all expires.

Talk about the home of the future!  LG has you covered on that front.  I’m sure it will be a few years before everyone completely redesigns their entire home to fit this setup.  But we can dream :)

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