UJAM’ing All Night Long

Dec 23, 2010 • Entertainment, Startups, Video
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I love music. You love music. Everyone loves music. And my guess is that you would love music even more if you could sound like a rockstar, without any practice or pesky band members.

Well, your wish has come true. A next-generation music creation platform, UJAM, launched this week after premiering at TechCrunch Disrupt back in May. The premise of the application is that you can hum, whistle, sing, or play any tune into your microphone, and UJAM enables you to make sweet, sweet music out of it…however poorly (or amazingly) you originally recorded.

UJAM uses your input melody as a basis to work from. You can then change the melody instrument, auto-tune the heck out of it, and even blend existing adaptable accompaniment tracks. For more advanced users, there are tools to modify the melody notes, the accompaniment tracks, and even the key changes.

After playing around with UJAM a few times, I made a couple pretty decent tracks and really enjoyed the experience. Being a musician myself and having used a number of recording platforms, I easily figured out my way around the interface. However, if UJAM’s goal is to enable people with no musical background to make amazing tracks, there’s definitely work still to be done. The user interface looks to be a bit complex (both in features and terminology), and there’s a lot to be desired in making it socially-enabled to share your created music.

That said, I think UJAM has great potential, especially with founders Hans Zimmer (legendary composer) and Pharrell Williams (Grammy-award winning musician) at the helm. As scary as it is, can’t you see the excitement around the ability to auto-tune yourself singing a Justin Beiber and send the recording off to your social graph? Pretty huge opportunity in the music recording market.

UJAM is offering limited user activiations every day. You can sign up at www.ujam.com


Matt is an entrepreneur, musician, and founder of the music education startup Chromatik (www.chromatikmusic.com).

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