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As the NBA playoffs closes to an end in a grueling road to Game 7 between Miami Heats and San Antonio Spurs, it would behoove every startup founder to learn from key elements and strategies of both teams, as lessons from the sport of basketball can directly translate to the success of a startup company.

Last week, the E3 Gaming Conference razzled and dazzled Los Angeles as attendees hobnobbed with top executives in the industry, tried out new consoles and platforms, took photo ops with cool displays like the reconstructed boat from Wind Waker, the green screen for Splinter Cell or Tanks of World of Tanks, and explored the latest and most realistic virtual worlds created by top game developers. There is certainly a lot to cover but I’ll just mention a few highlights.

With the E3 Expo wrapping up, SGN announced early this morning the acquisition of Mob Science further expanding its game portfolio and development team. SGN is the priemere cross-platform mobile game developer founded by MySpace Co-Founder Chris DeWolfe, delivering highly entertaining and engaging titles to millions of users around the world. Mob Science will join in the ranks of prior acquisitions including Hallpass Media and Mindjolt all under the strong and successful SGN umbrella.

On Monday, May 6th, 2013 hackers are invited to attend the first Hacker Zazen event. Presented by Codewars and Cross Campus, this monthly gathering has been organized to attract a mastermind of hackers to share ideas and write code.

On April 7-9, 2013 San Diego welcomes the top influencers of social media in an extensive networking conference, Social Media Marketing World. Attendees will rub shoulders with the biggest names and brands in social media including Sony Electronics, Walmart, Cisco, Sharpie, Petco, Dun & Bradstreet and others

Finding a cofounder can be a daunting experience. Many successful entrepreneurs have compared a cofounder relationship to a marital relationship and as such have advised aspiring founders to not take searching for business partners lightly. Traditionally, first time entrepreneurs start their search in finding cofounders with friends and family. However, this search often leaves you with little options at best or stuck with an unqualified founder at worst.

For the first time in SXSW history, young group of entrepreneurs are being celebrated for their accomplishments and have been invited to be on a panel to discuss and share their insight on problem solving, social consciousness, and making the world a better place. The panel will take place on Saturday, March 9th at the Hilton Garden Inn at 1:30pm. Organized by Blacks in Tech (BiT), a coalition of targeted technology organizations and industry thought leaders and in collaboration with, SXSW welcomes five intelligent kids with stories of remarkable success.

On Friday, February 22, USC’s Business and Entertainment Association (BEA) is hosting its 4th annual E2: Evolution of Entertainment Conference at the Town & Gown Hall at the USC Campus. The event is designed for professionals and students alike who are interested in or are currently working in the field of entertainment or new media. It’s focus is on the evolving changes in technology that have had an influential impact on the business of entertainment.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you can tell your iPhone what song to play or what kind of music you enjoy and it automatically pulls up the songs for you? At the moment Spotify or Pandora can help aggregate certain songs for you, but you still need to type out what you’re looking for and at times it takes a couple of steps to get to what you want. The new app, Vela brilliantly solves that problem for you. It is the first app that brings on-demand music using voice technology.

This is an interview with Lars Perkins, as he talks about his new app and the new features in the works! Relive is a smart photo-sharing app that allows users to easily share photos privately, amongst close friends and family. Founded by Larks Perkins, a serial entrepreneur, filmmaker, inventor and avid photographer, Relive hopes to solve the problem of privacy in the social photo sharing space.