First Employees of Paypal, Open With Users, The Perfect Company Name and More On TZLive With Eric Jackson

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TechZulu Live Episode 9

In this episode of TechZulu Live we had special guest Eric Jackson CEO of Caplinked and former U.S. Marketing Director for Paypal Inc.   CapLinked was founded in late 2009 by Eric M. Jackson and Christopher Grey. They knew from firsthand experience how difficult the process of raising capital is for entrepreneurs, who’d rather be building their company than managing paperwork and updating cap tables. As an investor, Christopher also appreciated how frustrating it could be on the other side of the table, where investors often go for months without hearing from the entrepreneurs they trusted with their funds. Convinced that there ought to be a better way, Eric and Christopher created CapLinked to solve the problems that entrepreneurs and investors face while trying to capitalize new companies.

Part 2

We had some really important updates for the coming weeks for TechZulu Live that Amanda touches base on in the opening of the show.  Social Media Week is just around the corner starting Sept. 20-24 and we will be presenting TechZulu Live on location from StartupDemo next Wednesday.  It will be a special episode where we will be interviewing all the demoing companies that are participating in StartupDemo and you can see who the companies will be by clicking here.  Also TechZulu is heading off to BlogWorld and New Media Expo October 14-16 where we will be reporting live and bringing you some of the biggest names in the tech industry.  We do have a few sponsor slots available for BlogWorld and if you would like to find out more info on how you can get involved and show your support contact

Amanda and Eric go over some tech highlights of the week.  Apple vs. Android vs. Microsoft vs. Blackberry (Rim).  Android has gained another 5% of mobile market share as of late leaving them nipping at the heels of Apple.  However, Eric discusses that the really interesting story is what will Microsoft and Blackberry (Rim) do to make a comeback.  Group buying sites and the big players such as Zagat and others joining in on the group buying industry.  Twitter update and how much will it actually effect users with Twitter clients such as Tweetdeck.  Live streaming through your mobile devices, will it catch on with the average consumer?

In this TZ Highlight Eric Jackson goes over raising capital for your startup, getting value out of investors other then the cash, deadlines and motivating your team to complete your product, and talking to your community and getting feedback to better your product and much more.

TZ Highlight

Eric Jackson also goes over what it was like to be one of the first employees of Paypal, how the Mafia began using Paypal, Responding to the customers and the changes Paypal went through to find its fit in the industry.

Eric Jackson’s Paypal Story

We would like to give another huge THANK YOU to Coloft for hosting TechZulu Live this week.  A co-working space based out of Santa Monica, CA, Coloft feels that Entrepreneurs are of a different breed; put them in a room together, and they are just that much more effective. Together they do amazing things. Together they are even more brilliant than they are alone… and that’s saying a lot. They bounce ideas off one another, brainstorm, create, and prosper.

Efren Toscano

Efren Toscano founded TechZulu in the heart of Southern California: Orange County. Focused on providing a platform to showcase all that is happening here in the tech and media space. TechZulu is rapidly growing to be the hub for Southern California technology companies news source. Efren has been chosen as one of LA Weekly's People of 2009 and selected as a Top 20 MostPublic Individuals in Los Angeles in Tech and Biz by NowPublic. He divides his time between San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and tech events around the US.

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